Not happy Jan!
That's my short answer.
Why? After waiting around something like nearly two (2) years to get even a decent response from them, and possibly some of my money back, I and other investors get 'nothing'.
Like many other investors must be, I'm rather annoyed with Worrells handling of things. I don't know how this episode compares to other liquidators, only that I didn't like the way they did things.
Fancy finally putting out a report , which includes the form where they are still asking potential creditors to register, call creditors to a meeting in order to get a vote and approval for their own payment, and announce no one will be getting a red cent (all in the one report).
Maybe it's the Liquidators process that's used it all up. I guess they only had one customer and the creditors are not them.
By the way, I only found out there would be no payouts after having waited months and decided to ring them to find out what was happening.
I was advised the whole process was done and dusted and "not getting a payout" was buried in the report of 21 pages of Liquidators gobble-de-goop. They could have said up-front and in a few words - no payouts.
In case you have not picked up on it yet, yes, I am an unhappy customer. Thumbs down.

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