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... smithfreed.com; webcide.com; rexxfield.com; cyberinvestigationservices.com; RemoveMyMug.com; InternetReputation.com; Brand.com; TruthInPosting.com ...


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www.webcide.com is the first and only online reputation management company that permanently removes negative information about individual and companies  ...

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www.webcide.com registration date: Nov 19, 2014 - less than 3 years ago

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on commented

Fraud! Sent money via moneygram. Total Fraud. dont believe in what they say. only sweet talkers. fuck you

on commented

Why the f**k you guys putting fake reviews? webcide com bastards. you guys are bitches. you will be f**ked badly one day. cant keep frauding mankind. Guys all positive reviews here are fake. Its a SCAM

on commented

My Auto Dealership Northshore Auto Mall , suffered from a a low reputation , due to the fact that by mistake we bought and resold a stolen car , a huge mistake done 5 years ago , because my worker didn't checked the car's papers with the authorities . Webcide.com took down from the Internet 3 articles that has been publish by local newspapers and also my worker's arrest records . We succeeded to regain our reputation and put behind us , this sad story that followed us like a ghost for the last years . Expensive service , but we are very pleased with the results .

on commented

Fucking scam fraud. Bullshit people. Fake Robert. bastards.

on commented

We would like to thank Webcide.com for helping us remove false negative reviews about my clinic , from our Google search . they did an amazing job . Thanks for your support .

on commented

We had multiple negative search results to remove from Google. It took about 2 months and they successfully completed the de-indexing process , clearing almost completely our online reputation.
Thanks for your amazing work .

on commented

One of our clients , was looking for assistance on large-scale projects dealing with Google reputation repair and management. Webcide.com was selected after a vetting process of several online reputation management companies. Our client received assistance in all aspects of reputation repair from the strategic framework of the project to the execution to the Google reputation management of the client. We had multiple articles to be removed from his search results , and within 90 days , all the negative search results just disappeared . Thanks , David Walkers

on commented

Fake comapny. Fake promises. Dont trust positive reviews as they are made by themselves only. They charged me for link removal made me send payment to Israel. Dont come in the trap

on commented

Webcide.com and his team have been taking care of my high-profile clients for quite some time. I trust their services and I know they will always provide stellar online PR advice and the best bad press removal services MJ PEDONE-President of Indra
Public Relations

on commented

I had a question about how to "help" a negative blog post go away. I called Reputation X and they looked at the situation. They said it was a reasonably simple problem and that I could do it myself for free. I followed their advice and it worked. Basically they told me to contact the person who wrote the article, be really nice, and ask them to make a few minor, very specific, changes to the page. They didn't charge me, which was really nice and it's why I am writing this review.

on commented

I used Webcide.com to raise my patient's reviews higher in Google. Now more people are finding my website and joining my practice. For the first time in 5 years, there’s nothing misleading about me on the 1st page of Google. You cannot imagine what a relief that is .
A medical mistake I made 10 years ago no longer completely overshadows all my recent accomplishments. Thank You.
Dr. David G., Doctor

on commented

“I have worked with Webcide.com in the past and their SEO skills are impressive. If you need help with brand reputation management then Robert Goldman is a great resource. The Cyber team there knows how to get Google de-indexing jobs done .” Frank Watson Director of Business Development

on commented

“I needed to have some unapproved web content pertaining to me removed. I had no idea how to go about this, but my publicist suggested Robert Goldman and in a short, painless time period he successfully had the undesired content removed.” Thanks , Garry Holdman

on commented

They have not removed my neg comments from the web

on commented

You'd have to be an idiot to send money via moneygram to Israel. No thanks!!

on commented

The company took awhile to remove negative content but followed through with what they promised they could do. Thank you webcide, Greg

on commented

Iv paid my fees .....still awaiting my Google results to be removed.......just hoping this isn't a con .....as they gave took my money ..now don't repliy to my emails..

on commented

They promise you things they can not do

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