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Wdm Group, Inc. is a privately held company in publishing with 51-200 employees founded in 2007. Wdm Group, Inc.'s reputation score is 6%, which is bad.

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Editorial review

WDM Group Inc … Without Digital Map?

Whoa! This company no longer runs their own website, are they trying to save on hosting fees and living off the fat of the land via Twitter and Linked-In profiles? Is that a sensible strategy for a media publishing company and we confirm the domain expires on the 29th March 2017? These days, Google’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) criteria does take into account your domain expiry dates. Thus, this is not a sensible move if you are trying to reach out to new readers.

WDM (Worldwide Digital Media) Group Inc is currently operating as a digital media company, let’s just drill down further as it’s too generic a term these days. It’s like saying we are all of these things, with a bit of this and bit of that and nothing of the other. WDM grew rapidly offering a few digital publications targeting high-level executives’ pen-pushers. Retail Digital was launched in 2008, this magazine is run from their office in Norwich England, renowned for their cathedral and car insurance but not retail. Blow me down, we were rather looking forward to reading their articles on www.retail-digital.com, but this website too is not working either. We are utterly perplexed.

Retail Digital Magazine’s first issue covered articles such as discount vouchers which were spiking a trend at that time, featured favourable online tips for retailers and emotional intelligence. We are afraid we are not quite sure what “emotional intelligence” even means or perhaps it hasn’t caught on as the articles no longer exist? It reminds us of that life time academy award winner of the most compelling and insulting phrase of all time, remember “quantitative easing”, coined by the US Treasury. Yup, and we were all born yesterday.

The WDM Group Chronicle

WDM manages 23 independent brands and was founded in 2007 by Glen White, entrepreneur and risk taker. They obviously do not believe in their own online presence and therefore uses a bunch of other mediums such as social networking sites, iPad or mobile phone applications, digital media channels, news feeds, analytical data and e-newsletters. We wouldn’t wish to discount this entirely as this may not be such a bad move after all as we know of numerous companies that have dropped their websites and opted for social media instead.

However, it’s okay if the latter is a restaurant or hotel but the former is a media company and it is for this reason that we think they ought to maintain their own unique online presence. Social media does not work for all types of businesses, it only works for some and the sales leads are extremely poor.

WDM Group has their base in Carlsbad, California with 6 other offices and ambitious expansion plans within the US, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Australia and Africa.

Mr Glen White, the founder of WDM Group

It is a tad worrying when the founder or president of a company does not have any online profile data as this is fundamental in business today. We are unable to verify his executive profile, historical or educational background, share ownership and published accounts. We are currently trying to investigate if this data has been purposely removed which is also possible and popular amongst celebrities. However, you cannot remove accounting or shareholders data as these are required to be published by law.

Here’s the main clamour made by their customers and ex-employees:-

  • Companies receiving cold calls from White Digital Media offering advertising on their magazines purporting that it’s an actual glossy magazine instead of making it clear that it’s just an online magazine and they charged thousands of dollars.
  • The former employees are leaving comments on various review websites and referring to this company as advertising scammers.
Apparently the magazine is jam packed with articles, too busy and horribly designed to which we wish we could comment but the website is still down.

– Mala Papachan for RepDigger
02 Jun 2016

Wdm Group, Inc. Contact Details

Company ID


100 Cummings Center, Beverly, MA 01915, United States

+1 (978) 279-9200

Incorporation Date
18 July 1996

Social media accounts

Company Profile

Privately Held

United States


Company Size
51-200 employees




, Founder
, Regional Director at Supply Chain Digital/ América Latina at WDM Group
, Looking for Outstanding Sales opportunities in West Los Angeles
, Regional Director at Supply Chain Digital
, Regional Director at Supply Chain Digital, Construction Global & Business Review Brasil
, Regional Director Latin America– Mining Global
, Regional Director at Exploration World
, Journalist | Motorsport PR
, Research Director Supply Chain Australia
, Freelance Brazilian Multimedia Journalist, Writer at Business Review Brasil Magazine
, Executive Director - Energy Digital
, agent
, incorporator
, president
, secretary

Country affiliation

United States

United Kingdom







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