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Someone needs to do an investigation on a company call Mazal Enterprises out of LA who sells skin care products under the names of Vine Vera, OroGold, Vivo Per Lei, GoldElement among others mostly through mall kiosks all over the U.S. They have aggressive but charming sales people, well-trained in the art of predatory sales tactics and deception, who snag you while walking by and hand out free samples, then coerce you to sit down and give a free facial with a lot of fast talk and claims for the product, all of which are untrue. They go trolling from mall to mall, spending a few weeks in each, just long enough to rob a bunch of people, then pack up and move their little gypsy wagon on to the next mall to victimize new customers. They also use the ploy of promising they are opening up a new spa in your mall and that you can get free refills on all products, which is completely false, along with many other lies to get you to buy their products which they price at whatever they think they can get away with and telling you they want you to have them so much they’ll give them to you half price. Apparently I seemed extra gullible, because they bilked me out of $1000 more than they quoted. That’s about $500 per ounce! For all we know, these products are really drug-store brand creams repacked and relabeled and the price inflated 1000%, since everything from the sales people and the company is all lies. They have in tiny print on receipt a no return policy, but they fold over the receipt to hide it and focus on the top part with invoice number you need. If I had known everything they say is a lie or that all their claims are false, I would never have purchased anything. When the salesman started filling the “sexy bag” with products before I had decided if/what I wanted to buy, and suddenly another salesman appeared who started ringing up products, I was so taken by surprise that my normal reflex to say wait a minute, combined with his charm and con game of “wanting you to have these products to treat your rosacea before it’s too late,” caught me off guard, and then it was too late. I don’t even have rosacea most likely, but they know how to use fear to motivate you to buy, whether it’s acne, wrinkles, or rosacea that these products supposedly cure like no other product, and they target middle-aged or older women. Before the sale they are super friendly and charming, but after the sale they show their true colors, giving you only a smug smile and point out the tiny no return policy on the receipt, very cold and dismissive. Is Mazal (owners Eli and Daphna Weingarten) a front for an organized Israeli crime ring? Why does Mazal maintain they are “only the distributor” and have no control of the “independent owners/operators of the kiosks” when the director of Vine Vera is a former captain in the Israeli army? The salesmen are all Israelis fresh out of the military, but pretend to be Spanish or Italian and have made up names like Giorgio, Fabio, Rafael, Dana, Sami. They make more in a month committing this egregious kiosk fraud than they would in a year back home. They lie on the visas to get over here, then voice lie after lie after lie to unsuspecting shoppers whom they jump out at and coerce to get free facials. Please expose this blatant consumer fraud and stop them from catching shoppers off guard who have no intention of buying their “miracle” products, said to contain Dead Sea minerals and resveratrol. They are getting away with this because there is no regulation or accountability with these mall kiosks. They have no prices on products, no business cards, no contact numbers or anything; only “Vine Vera” printed at top of tiny receipt; if pressed they give you a “customer service” e-mail for “CustomerSpa2Go” which appears to be a fake and dead end. Why are they getting away with this very shady and blatant consumer fraud? I suspect many victims are not reporting this out of embarrassment at getting hoodwinked so craftily. Vine Vera has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau, and there are a plethora of complaints from victims who fell prey to these mall gypsies and their fraudulent practices. It’s estimated their numbers are in the thousands, so this organized crime ring is infiltrating cities all around the U.S.

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