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Urareplay.com's reputation score is 1%, which is bad.

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Scamming fucks steal your money now ive got to go through the hassle of cancelling my card

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$101.00 today dont even know why as I dont play no games.
Piss me the fuck off! Anyone know how to get ahold of these fucks!! I want my money back!!

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Money removed from Credit Card without any contact with this company. Check your bank statements and get refunded and give bank details

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hi u have taken money with out me doing any thing £7.95 why is this please state why and put the money back

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Stated that they would definitely not take money from my account but did. Have now had to cancel my bank card.

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They took £1 although it was supposed to be a free trial! I cancelled my membership on the very same day. I couldn't find the ebook that was promised to be on the website

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I do not remember how I signed up to this but they have been taking payments of £2-3& then a further £8 out of my account every month since May2019! I don’t understand how they can get away with this I have lost out on a lot of money over the months. What even is urareplay.com

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Scam. Fraud. Charges without authorization. Claims they will refund...we will see.

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This company stole money from my bank acount .. you 24hrs to put it back or i will kill you ..... fuckin cunt

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You motherfuckers took money from me

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I did not sign up for this payment

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Never ever heard of this and somehow $1.00 was charged to my account without me even knowing about this website??

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I didn't sign up for this. I dont even know what this site is about

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Help? How do you contact these people ? I never signed up for anything, don’t even play games but they’re taking money from my bank acc & I urgently need to cancel it. Can anyone advise what to do??? Thanks in advance

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They’re taking money out of my bank account when I’m not even buying anything from them I want them to take my card off their system, I have no clue how it was even added on there

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they offered me free sign up and thanthey asked for my credit card details and they took money out.. these bastards fool people they should be hung upside down...... ripping off hardworking people .....shit heads

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Before supplying with credit card info I called to ask where I can find their 1,350,892 on average 4.5 star customer reviews and I was hung up on. That should tell you everything you need to know about them.

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same issue for me; i got tricked into signing up with their "assurance" explicitly stating that i will not be charged. i dont even remember that this is the same website that ive signed into. tsk! now I have to cancel my card.

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Stop taking money out my bank account. You have no permission

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urareplay.com.ipaddress.com registration date: Mar 6, 1999 - more than 3 years ago

Address: Am Thielwoog 31, Kirchheimbolanden, 67292, DE

Phone number: +49.15737705684

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