I would highly advise against using this service. They are not reliable or responsive, and they do not deliver the results they promise. I work in social media marketing, and have been testing a few different services that offer “organic instagram growth”. This is by far the worst one I’ve come across.
They overcharged me for the wrong plan, repeatedly ignored my attempts to contact them about that and other questions I had, and when I finally cancelled the service, they didn’t even acknowledge or respond to my email.
The followers they targeted were not high quality like they promise in their “quality growth guarantee”. Furthermore, the growth they delivered was on the lowest end of the “average daily growth” estimate displayed on their website, and they never delivered ANY “advanced analytics to track your growth”, which they claim is one of their unique features.
You can “Cancel Anytime”, as long as it’s over 72 hours before your next billing date (or you will be charged for another month), AND if you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, the service stops immediately instead of continuing through the end of the billing cycle you already paid for. In my case, they didn’t stop the service immediately (like they claim they will). They were still taking action in the account 5 days after I cancelled, and I had to change the account password just to get them to stop.
Their “High Priority Support” means that you can write them 3 times over the course of 2 weeks and never receive a reply. I have never come across a more unprofessional service. They overpromise, underdeliver, and ignore you when you ask for help or clarification. Buyer beware.

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