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T1 Payments is a domestic limited-liability company. T1 Payments's reputation score is 38%, which is average.

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T1 over promises and under delivers in a big way. I have done high risk billing for 15 years and have never encountered a company that is so bad at what they do. We processed over $100k and never saw ... Read more

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T1 Payments pretend as if they are a completely legitimate payment service provider, however, they end up SCAMMING businesses out of their money. This is exactly what they did to us. Our initial payme... Read more

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Scam company. They make up bogus claims to keep a hold of your funds. After numerous calls and followup emails nothing has been done till date. Do not trust them!!

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T1payments is a scam. we got in touch with them as they provided payment solutions for high risk businesses. we got it approved, they paid out decent amount for the first month but they delayed the ot... Read more

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By far the most UNPROFESSIONAL and FRAUDULENT company I have encountered.
Setting up a payment processing account at this point in time should not render the type of confusion this company will cause... Read more

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T1 is nothing but a scam. They will keep ALL of your money, not the reserve they claim they will keep. Do not sign up with t1, it's honestly better to not even be in business.

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Its like this, my financial blow from Don Kasdon t1payments was bigger then everyone's.
I personally don't understand,
this man has so much potential but he don't realize the financia... Read more

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Work for T1 for a long time great people!

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All entities be it, T1 Payments, Eclipse Processing, Swipe and all other fraudulent companies associated with the same criminal owners of all these companies. Don't trust them and don't be s... Read more

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I was verbally hired by the CEO, who promised a salary, relocation and benefits. Upon agreeing to the job, the company paid all expenses for nearly a week in a posh Las Vegas hotel. From that night fo... Read more

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So easy to talk to ask a question and get a real answer!

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T1 Payments is a great company with amazing customer service. They were able to get me processing the same day I submitted my application!

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Love these guys client for 3 yrs!

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Great People! Great Company!

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Client for yrs nothing but good things to say! 100% recommend!

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Wonderful experience!

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These guys are amazing!

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I recently became a customer of T1 Payments and they have been nothing but great! My former credit card processor decided they were not going to accept my type of business anymore. I was left without ... Read more

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Super responsive!

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No problems ever! Highly [email protected]!

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10 January 2012

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Domestic Limited-Liability Company

Affiliated Companies: T1payments Mandrien Consulting


, Chief Operations Officer
, Corporate front
, manager
, agent

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United States

United Kingdom







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T1 Payments Lawsuits

Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems, Inc. v. Dermaktive, LLC et al (2 ...

Apr 4, 2016 ... THIRD PARTY COMPLAINT (First Amended) against 7 Processing, LLC, Amber Fairchild, Donald Kasdon, Debra King, T1 Payments, LLC, filed ...

Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems, Inc. v. Dermaktive, LLC et al ...

Amber Fairchild, ThirdParty Defendant. No Logo, Debra King, ThirdParty Defendant. No Logo, Donald Kasdon, ThirdParty Defendant. No Logo, T1 Payments ...

Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems, Inc. v. Dermaktive, LLC et al

Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems, Inc. v. Dermaktive, LLC et al, case number 2:16-cv-00739, from ...

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t1payments.com registration date: 11 December 2011 - more than 3 years ago

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