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Sunnova is a privately held company in utilities with 201-500 employees founded in 2012. Sunnova's reputation score is 23%, which is bad.

Editorial review

The not so sunny, Sunnova Energy Corporation

Where do these companies get their names from, Sunnova? We are so tempted to make a few caustic comments about the name but think its best we pass on this occasion and keep it professional. Sunnova, a construction and engineering company that provides solar power energy supplies to the domestic market. Superb so far and good for them for having clairvoyance flair in seeing a need for our future but sadly they haven’t seen the light. Thanks to our 1960s hippie predecessors, we are now all familiar with companies offering rooftop solar service to the homeowners and at present, they only service the US market via their installation and local sales networks.

Sunnova spotted a niche in the market and they also offer 3rd party financing for PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) not to be confused with solar leases and this was all made possible by their local solar installers. We need to emphasize the difference as follows:-


PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

Solar Lease

Upfront costs

Offers a low upfront cost

Zero down payment

Agreement lock

Locks you into an agreement for between 15 to 18 years and is transferable to a new owner

Ditto to PPA

Additional cost such as flat set electrical rate

Charges a flat set electrical rate

It does not charge you any power your solar panels generate


PPA looks after you on maintenance

Solar charges a payment

Tax benefits or RECs (Renewable Energy Credits)

Nada, zilch, zero

Ditto to PPA

Triple AAA credit rating required

You need a triple AAA credit rating to get this agreement

Ditto to PPA

Option to buy out later is not clear to us at this present moment in time, so we refuse to comment here

No comment

No comment

Okay, who is the main man in Sunnova? Mr William J Berger is the Chief Executive Officer at Sunnova, you would never guess what’s coming? He actually started his career as an analyst at Enron Corporation, did he not see things coming way back then? It is now becoming a tad worrying that he actually ended his days at Enron as a Director for Energy Services. Do we need to progress any further apart from we wish him all the very best?

William has 19 years’ experience in the power supply industry and perhaps he ought to assess his own personal “power” in the industry. By the way, William has also served on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission board as an advisor too. He is a BSc graduate in Civil Engineering at the Texas A&M University, ranking at number 70 in the United States today.

Here are a few customer grievances …

  • One of their customer reviews we read quoted the company as being “shady”.
  • Another was an actual customer in Las Vegas who complained about their poor service both on installation and maintenance.
  • There’s another story of a customer that waited a painful 7 months for the solar panels to be installed and he also has a simultaneous issue with pigeons after the panels were installed.
Mala Papachan for RepDigger

31 May 2016

01 Jun 2016 - An update from a company representative:

The [...] editorial review about Sunnova [...] published on May 31, 2016 contains factually incorrect information, including the specific points below.

  1. Our agreements are for 25 years, not 15-18 years
  2. All of our service plans include maintenance coverage
  3. A 650+ credit rating is required, not AAA
  4. There is an option for the customer to purchase the system after 5 years in both our PPA and EZ Pay PPA contracts
  5. We also offer an EZ Own product in California, New Jersey and Hawaii, in which the customer owns the solar system.
  6. You can refer to this link to easily access accurate product information for our company -

I would also like to point you to many of our positive reviews and customer testimonials so that you can present a balanced view of the company.

Jenn Cox
Director of Corporate Marketing I Sunnova

Sunnova Contact Details


(281) 985-9900

[email protected]

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Company Profile

Type: Privately Held

Headquarters: 20 Greenway Plaza, Suite 475, Houston, Texas 77046 United States

Industry: Utilities

Company Size:201-500 employees


Affiliated Companies: Sunnova Energy Corp., Sunnova Energy Corporation, Sunnova Energy Corporation


, Director of Corporate Marketing
, Director of Customer Experience
, Vice President, Asset Management at Sunnova Energy Corp.
, Vice President, Portfolio Management - Sunnova Energy Corporation
, Financial Analyst

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United States

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Sunnova News

Sunnova Energy Corp.: Private Company Information

Sunnova Energy Corp. provides solar power services to homes. It offers rooftop solar service to homeowners within and outside the United States through a ...

Sunnova CEO wary of growth at any cost model for solar firms ...

May 16, 2016 ... Sunnova, ranked as the fourth-largest residential solar energy company in the United States, had positive adjusted earnings before interest, ...

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Domain registrant: Brock Hubbard

Organization: Sunnova Energy Corporation

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Visitor comments about Sunnova

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Fraud would be kind to these guys. Over priced, over hyped, non-delivery of promises, pigeon sty, money loosing and non-responsive.

Avoid these people

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NRG solar installed 30 energy panels on my roof in 2014. In July of 2016 the panels stopped working. It's now the middle of September 2016 and several phone calls to the company and an email and still no one has showed any concern as to when a tech will be out to service the problem. I've contacted sunnova to no availability. Terrible customer service

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May I never have to do business with a company like Sunnova again. Their customer service is grossly inept. The people who answer the phone and log information are quite nice, but their hands are tied. Once it moved up to another level - service is non existent. My roof is LEAKING and I haven't gotten a call back. i'VE called for 2 weeks, and every day the case has been updated by a very nice representative named Ashley. But then it stops. No call back, no email, no resolution. I'm glad their executives went to Harvard and Goldman Sachs is investing more money in Sunnova to fund their growth. However, their customer service systems are non-existent. I would be happy to hear from someone at Sunnova, perhaps Ms. Cox, who could provide results rather than rhetoric.

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Sunnova says they use expensive panels unfortunately these panels are old style with showing support clips. They are not panels we were told that we're going to be installed on our house I've been trying to settle this problem with the local installation company named code green who does not return calls. After 3 weeks of trying to contact them I decided to contact Sunnova and put a claim in after 3 days I was contacted by sanova and said that they were their best solar panels that were installed on my house and look great from the photographs that were sent to them by code green the installation company. Sunnova said by looking at the pictures they see nothing wrong with the installation or the panels that were given to them by code green. I've been trying to explain to them that the panels and the lines inside the panels do not line up somehow they don't understand what I'm talking about. Also the wiring is hanging out on one side of the house they also did not see that in there pictures and no one will come out from The Local Company to look at the problem. And I've been asked to take better pictures and send them to them which is not my job Sonoma & Code Greene are rated the worst. They both should get a zero rating.

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