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Speartec Limited's reputation score is 1%, which is bad.

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I have just been to the bank. They cannot do anything about it :( I feel sick! I suppose all we have to do now is wait and see if we get any goods on the 24th but I haven't got a good feeling. I ... Read more

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ive bought xbox 1 bundle for 249.00 on my bank transfer confermation it said once payment has left your account it cannot be recalled can any 1 help what i can do

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We contacted our bank and theirs but they won't look into it until we have not received the goods!

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Ring your bank Brad and explain the website is a fraud hopefully you get your money back, save all Emails and contact action fraud

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I too have today ordered a PS4 Fifa 17 bundle for £179 to be delivered on Monday 24th. I phoned the company and all seemed fine. I have received confirmation emails and hope that this is not a scam! If it is what do I do now?

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I rang them today and they said the Xbox I ordered will be delivered on the delivery date ( 24th October) and they can't see the problem, I have contacted auction fraud and they said they will look into it

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Scamming piece of crap the police are on too you time will run out get out of Scotland quick hahahahaha

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Save all your emails, report to action fraud, inform your bank and get onto royal bank of Scotland they must have identification on who opened the account

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Confirmed this site is a scam! If you have ordered then it is likely you will not see your money again. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but people need to be aware to not order from this site

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Guess I just lost 259 quid I'll find out monday. sounds identical to this https://repdigger.com/reviews/hippo-electronics-limited

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Just googled the address this company is displaying and it's still for rent! Prices are too good to be true and no reputable site only allows bank transfer payments. Please do not order from this site as it's a con

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PLEASE DO NOT order from this website, it is 100% a con. Any website where you can only pay via Bank Transfer is not safe. Believe me I have been conned quite recently and I think this is the same guy. Spread the word as this guy needs stopping

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I have done a registering business number on this site on and the registration number come back to be correct here the registration number 10152602 click this link the registration number is at the bottom were u order https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/

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I have ordered a PS4 console. Hopefully this company is legit as I paid through bank transfer. I'll report back next week.

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I've ordered from them been given a delivery date will post if I receive the item

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im in process of ordering i dont like the idea of paying bank transfer is it a good sight any 1

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If anybody has ordered from them could you please let people no links too there website are appearing everywhere and this place looks real shadey

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Can I trust them?

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We've got a message from Cara:

This website is the same as HippoElectronics that was a scam and over 40 people lost their hard earned money including me! It’s probably the same people that set up Hippo. The emails look the same, the address is still for rent, the person doesn’t exist. Please help to stop anyone else getting ripped off like I did.

RepDigger Team

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Unit 75 Colbourne Ave, NE23 1WP, United Kingdom

[email protected]

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speartec.co.uk registration date: 29 April 2016 - less than 3 years ago

Organization: Speartec Limited

Address: Unit 75 Colbourne Ave, NE23 1WP, United Kingdom

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