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Slr Direct is a self-owned company in photography with 5-10 employees. Slr Direct's reputation score is 1%, which is bad.

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sold me a defaulted xt2 with no warranties and refuse to take the camera back and refund my money

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Warning. This company preys on the uninformed. Do NOT buy from them. They should be arrested for fraud. I learned a very expensive lesson to do better research and not impulse buy. They sold me an expensive camera with defective sensors. They don't know it yet but I am planning to make sure the world knows about these guys.

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SLRdirect lists non-retail models / no warranty / no battery / no charger as if they were real offerings. Then they call you and try to upsell you until the price is outrageous.

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A big giveaway is the fact that when you click in the url bar you do not see https://. You just see www. When I don't see https://, I know something's not right.

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Very nice

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Placed order, after 4 days still wasn't processed. I called and was put on hold for over 30 minutes. Stated that they charged my card for the order, then placed the order. I'm not sure if that means they don't have the merchandise on hand or what. I felt like this was shady, the guy tried to up sell me using the typical this is the international version and if i wanted the US version etc. Not feeling right about what went down I called back and endured the hold time again. They said the bank declined my payment and to call my bank to authorize the payment. I asked them to cancel my order and I would touch base with my bank. Super shady and I would never ever place an order with this company....ever!

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Unpleasant experience with this online company, almost like a joke from the sale person.

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Customer support its really bad. They never repply to the customers even if you need just a small information.
Moving to a serious dealer.

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Will never purchase from here again, super shady. I placed an order, they say it may take a 1-3 days to process, I can deal with that. After 7 business days, I shoot over an email asking for an update on my order, no response. So nearly two weeks after I place my order, I call asking for an estimate of when the camera will ship. The guy responds notifying me my camera doesn't come with a battery & if I want one I can upgrade for like $400 more. A battery with charger costs $30. So I cancelled the order. They WAITED for me to call to bait and switch. Super scummy, stay away.

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I ordered a Nikon Lens off SLR Direct and then started reading up on them. I was very concerned i was going to get an empty box and get no refund because of their weird return rules. I tried to cancel my order but they said they already shipped.
In the end the right lens did come but the box had been opened. It came with lens hood, lens cover, manual and everything youd expect. The only weird thing was that the quality seal was broken. I wouldnt order from them again but i did feel compelled to report that i did get what i ordered for the price they said and it arrived really fast.

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From reading all of these comments I was scared that it was a scam like everyone had said. I got my product 4 days after I purchased it online and it came today! Neatly packaged with bubble wraps and everything. I am very excited for my camera!

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Do Not Buy form these guys. not to be trusted. call Adorama or B and H and ask them for a better price than advertised. they might not quite match slrdirects price But you will get proper customer service. You will not have to hang on the phone in a line for an hour then speak to some rude surly rep. and not get a guarantee with the item. I have experience with this company and eventual ( after 3 hours on the phone ) was able to cancel m order. called Adorama and bought the item fast friendly professional service. i will update once my item arrives

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Terrible customer service. Pay the exta at b & h

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I knew it. I saw how much lower their prices are, call to confirm whether or not the Nikon lens I am interested in is USA and not grey market, was on hold for half hour, guy finally answers phone and I say hello I have some questions about this Nikon lens and he says please hold, puts me on hold again for another 10 minutes.
I realized what they do is only transact with people who placed orders online and not presales calls. Then they fk with those people by sending out an email to call to confirm order, say their camera doesn't come with a battery, etc, then try to up sell more sht. I've seen this garbage before. It's amazing how the camera market attracts these scumbag NYC hobos and their lowlife scams. I am going to call and fk with them lol.

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I am sick to my stomach reading these comments.
I ordered an RX100 M3 a week ago and they called me to confirm the order.
The following is my experience..
They left a message for me asking me to call back.
I called back, and an indian guy picked up (sounded high), said a couple mumbled words, and put me on hold. I called back a couple times and then it said they had too many callers and weren't taking calls at this time...
So I left a message saying, "hi there, i wanted to ask you some questions, and then maybe confirm the order!" :D
Then I got an email that said the order had been confirmed...
I'm trying to upgrade my YouTube setup and get a decent camera and I'm bawling my eyes out. I was getting so excited. I have a bunch of the gear already.
Tomorrow the camera is due for delivery, and I made sure to read my order...
It says "If your package appears damaged upon receipt, simply REFUSE the shipment. ONCE YOU SIGN FOR THE DELIVERY YOU MAY NO LONGER PLACE ANY DAMAGE CLAIMS."
99% sure I'm going to refuse the shipment, but I don't know how I'm going to get my money back. I can't afford to get another camera and I was setting so many filming opportunities up. I'm having a fucking panic attack. I can't stand people like this.

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I ordered the canon point and shoot and 5 hours later they sent me an email saying to call Joe to confirm the order. I spent 30 min on hold and gave up. Wrote an email and no answer yet. They didn't run the card yet and I'd have to cancel the purchase directly with bank.

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This bussiness had charged me the wrong amount of money for a camera and then when I asked for a refund they canceled my order and never refunded my money

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Tons of negative reviews.

Simon Clement wrote: "I am not sure this is a real company. I called the landlord at their posted address in NJ and they have never heard of them. Plus I have been #1 in the Customer Sales queue for the last 25 mins. I think I just avoid a scam company"

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