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Hi, I dont recommend SKT Themes since they have unprofessional customer services and they dont have necessary information on their web page.
WARNING: Be aware that they store you credit card information and renew every year without your confirmation.
They give unprofessional responses to your e-mails, like: "We are in India. Here in India no one asks for refund." or "What legal??" ...
Before expiry date of my renewal I checked SKT web site and my account details and I havent seen any information about the payment, renewal or personal data related information after login to my account details.
Since there is no card information or renwal related information on my personal account details (*** I think they have to mention it explicitly about renewal process or put a link on personal accounts), I dont even know they store my credit card information.
After 1 year they auto renew and take $99 without my confirmation! They said, they sent 3 mails before, but I have only one mail mentioning for renewal on my junk mail. I only used their one theme when I first bought the themes and never used them after. They dont give information about the renewal when you first buy the service or any other information on my order.
I strongly advice you to avoid using SKT Themes since I saw similar and other complaints on web or be carefull.
Anyway, may be I have mistakes not to find renewal mail on my junk, I havent informed that they store my sensitive data and they have already taken the amount, I advice people to be carefull!

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