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Sentext Solutions is a privately held company in marketing and advertising with 11-50 employees. Sentext Solutions's reputation score is 24%, which is bad.

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RUN!!!!!! Do not so business with these people!! They are horrible to work with! They are not customer friendly to day the least. Had 6 moth agreement. Waited the 6 months to cancel, then ask to st... Read more

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Sentext Solutions LLC is a horrible company to do business with, not only is their technology poorly implemented, their billing and contract policies are not customer oriented. Do your homework! Stay away from this company!

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Smart people will stay away. I was naive. Eventually this company will be a thing of the past as soon as people realize that after an easy Google search they can receive the same service for half the ... Read more

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SenText Solutions has a very easy to use platform with total management capabilities that allows integration with all forms of media advertising. Highly reputable, has local agents for one on one customer service. I highly recommend them to any business or organization.

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Don’t ever do business with Sentext Solutions, nothing but a scam. All the positive reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed are all by their own biased same people to outweigh the negative reviews. Think ab... Read more

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I have decided to decline the offer to become an agent with Sentext, the primary reason being the remarkable consistency with merchant complaints on google reviews, and now to get on, an... Read more

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Horrible company. I have been trying to cancel this service for a year now. I signed a one year contract and the sales rep did not mention that it would automatically renew if you did not jump thru ... Read more

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All the nice things said about this by people that don't reveal there names, are the leadership employees of Sentext. Read the positive stuff. it all starts with ---- excellent company ----... Read more

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What a great company and salesman. He really cares about my success always coming up with new ideas.

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Why are they asking me to give them permission to debit my checking account? I do not like that, it is unacceptable.

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Scammers and VP is so phony!!!

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I always find it odd when I call for a position in a company and I can barely get a word in! I was asked questions that were only yes or no questions and furthermore, was not really interested in m... Read more

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Do not use this company! The sales rep I had reminded me of Gil from the Simpsons. Now although that might seem funny to you it's overly annoying working with someone like that, almost to the poi... Read more

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To Mike McCarthy, it is illegal to import lists to any shared short code when the consumers in question have not
Opted into that particular Short Code. You cannot expect this company to take on the ... Read more

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First they wouldn't let me import my phone lists of legally opted in text subscribers (I later found out its because they don't want anyone to start with any numbers because each msg costs t... Read more

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This company is nothing but a large scale scam.

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Great Response!

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Amazing company with sales reps who have a vested interest in helping clients grow.

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Great company. Our Rep is very helpful and available here in Huntington, WV. He always offers ideas and support and the corporate office is always helpful if needed.

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Excellent company, excellent results!

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Editorial review

SenText Solutions, is not too keen in sending information to the internet

Here’s SenText, yet another mail shot company but are they doing things differently?“SenText”, quite a crackerjack name as it has the most powerful Google keywords in its name for their specific industry and is just short of the “d”. Did you know that 91% of users do not go past Google Page 1, so smart cookies in SenText for coming up with that name? However, are they we wonder?

They specialize in offering businesses to grow their customer base by collecting their mobile telephone numbers. Then, the application uses it to send out the one to cover all single text messages about their client’s products or promotions. In other words, a sophisticated mail shot company. They are based in Milford, Connecticut and has been around since 2011, relatively young start-up but not making waves, at least not yet.

We are unable to consider any Glassdoor reviews for the simple fact that the company does not make background checks against their contributors namely identification, contract of employment, wage slip or reference letter. In fact the credibility of Glassdoor is being investigated by several organisations and we will be sure to let you know the outcome. It’s similar to TripAdvisor that openly states in their help section that they do not do fact-check reviews, so should we follow suit or have they become so huge that we have collectively decided to trust them? We decline to use them as it’s simply not reliable as a source of fact-based information.

Anyway back to SenText that helps merchants, provides an exclusive text marketing messaging service with instant communication which covers advertising, coupons and linking their merchants or customer base to the services available in the local areas. Shame, they cannot predict customer trends.

SenText claims that they can over a period of 12 months increase your sales by 20% per annum, this is simply impossible as every 100 leaflets, emails, letters, posters sent only yields 1% to 2% tops and it has been like that for decades, sms texts are no exception. We cannot find a single customer testimonial to verify the 20% claims, this is impossible even with a never ending budget pot for marketing. It’s because people do not like to be bothered by sales, spams, consistent marketing and will only buy it if they need it or the campaign was so tempting they simply fell for it.

We have skimmed through nearly 100 websites to find employees records, neither published accounts data nor board of directors and sadly we have not found any reliable data that we can use on this editorial review.

Update on 10 Jun 2016:

However, we have done our own investigations for customer testimonials and here are our results to date:-

  • “Sentext Solutions is the most effective way to reach out to our customers during slow times. In just a few minutes I can tell over 900 customers about a special and they will begin coming in within minutes!” - Eric, San Jose Mexican Restaurant
  • “Thanks to our VIP Mobile Club, The Basketry has been able to increase both brand awareness and customer loyalty significantly. When we tell customers about the program, they are not only interested in learning more about The Basketry but they also return to our store regularly for events and specials that are promoted only through the text message program. Text message campaigns are easy to create and are received promptly. This strategic marketing program is a great way to add to any marketing program already in place or to create an entirely new one.” - Kristi, The Basketry
  • “SenText is so easy and has helped my business tremendously!” - Brandy, Mode Covington

Sadly, we were unable to speak to both Eric and his brother Tony, so we shall keep you posted.

We were able to speak to Kristi directly and she mentioned that she would use SenText services again but it’s not suitable at present as it’s more geared to deals or coupons being offered. She also mentioned that she would recommend SenText.

Unfortunately, it went straight to voicemail but we shall either keep trying or speak to other clients.

Mobile Phone Trends

Although, it’s disappointing that we are unable to provide more information on SenText Solutions, we have decided to contact some of the clients featured on their website. We tried contacting Mr Cassius Walls of Diamond Shine which offers car cleaning services, but had no luck. We will surely update this review as soon as we hear from them.

In the meantime, we would like to alert you to the fast paced mobile technology which is outstripping everything else in sight. Here’s a few to knock you out, take note business owners:-

  • In 2013, mobile marketing advertisement grew by 100%
  • Customers are more likely to respond or make a purchase to mobile phone offers than other mediums
  • 66% of customers that have subscribed to mobile marketing made a purchase but only if it was relevant
  • For some unknown reason, mobile offers are redeemed ten times more than printed offers
  • This is the most important of all, the open rate amongst mobile customers is a staggering 98% against their main competitor, that electronic mail aka emails only gets 22%

Mala Papachan
06 Jun 2016

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4 Research Drive, Shelton, 06484, Connecticut, US


[email protected]

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Privately Held

Marketing and Advertising

Company Size
11-50 employees

Affiliated Companies: Sentext Solutions Llc First Capital Payments Sentext Solutions LLC


, Regional partner
, Account Executive
, Principal
, Regional Partner
, Operations, New Business Development & Sales Executive
, Currently Seeking Career Opportunites
, Business Owner & Store Manager at TMX Finance
, Account Executive SenText Solutions & Drummer for the Country Rock / Southern Rock Band, TRADEMARK.
, Sales Executive at SenText Solutions
, Tulsa Mobile SMS Marketing Training, Lead Generation, Customer Loyalty & Retention Practices at
, Sales & Marketing Business Manager
, Entrepreneur
, Regional Partner, Text Marketing Expert, Sales & Agent Development at Sentext Solutions
, Foothills Times Sales Rep

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United States


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Website check registration date: Feb 7, 2011 - more than 3 years ago

Domain registrant: Sara Lawrence

Organization: Sentext Solutions LLC

Address: 4 Research Drive, Shelton, 06484, Connecticut, US

Phone number: +1.8002112001

E-mail: [email protected]

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