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Be careful folks! When I called Nov. 2, 2016 to cancel my membership, I told the gentleman at least three times that I was cancelling my membership. I also told him at least a couple times to write down that I called as of Nov. 2, 1016 to cancel my membership as of Nov. 2, 2016, since the site was down and I did not know when it would be back up. He also told me that "they could not guarantee my card would not be charged again, so when I hung up, I immediately went to the bank and changed my card number. A few days ago, I decided to delete my profile, but the site would not allow it, because it said I had to cancel my membership(which I thought HAD been cancelled almost three months ago. So I cancelled it, only to go on my bank site online and find out they CHARGED me, (twice in ONE day) instead of cancelling. What I want to know is, HOW did they get my NEW card number-I SURE did NOT give it to them. I think my BANK has hell to pay for THAT one! However, I'm not the first one that has had this happen, they get hold of the NEW card number so WATCH OUT!! I'm going to call tomorrow and tell them to refund my account-talk to the Customer Services' Superior if I have to. I wrote down the name and employee number of the last guy I talked to, who did not follow through. .
I also went on the site and sent out a Mega Blast with the message that they ARE a SCAM, and encouraged members to help me shut the site down by all cancelling our memberships! If I have more problems with them about the refund, I will MegaBlast that as well. Sorry for the long email, just wanted to let you all know more information about them. Interestingly , my browser keeps coming up with a dialog box while I'm on there saying they are an unsafe site. I think their Security Certificate may be expired, which they are REQUIRED to have, because they are a site which collects personal information( this protects your personal information). Actually I JUST found that their Security Certificate expired THREE days ago, what kind of a site lets something that IMPORTANT expire, if they care anything about their members???

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