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Privately Held

14 Storrs Ave., Boston, MA 02184 United States


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11-50 employees



, President & Co-Founder at LeadThink
, CEO & Co-Founder at LeadThink

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United States


United Kingdom


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There is a copyright complaint sent from (or its affiliates) to Google. In most cases it's a red flag and means that someone wants to conceal some information.

The following content has been scraped and posted without our content. Here is an example of the content: "This is supposed to be an elite dating service for professionals who want a relationship. The service sets up your profile, screens applicants, and supposedly runs background checks. The salesperson tells you that you will be "actively dating" in hopes of a relationship. I was very excited as I had been referred by someone who had had success. I paid the very large fee. It was noted the man would call to schedule the date, keep it short, and the man would pay for the date. Unfortunately I kept getting only pieces of paper in the mail with no calls. I went on 1 date in 2 months and the person was not even an active member. I received 3 other calls. One, the person was supposed to call me the next week when back in town, but never did. The 2nd person I scheduled a day to go on a date, he text me a few times until then, was supposed to touch base the day before, but never did, nor did he touch base the day of the date. The 3rd person was not an active member and wanted children (something that was a deal breaker for me) At that time I had been calling the service at least 1 time a week along with emails to get started on the "actively dating" which was very frustrating. Elaine noted that my situation was definately not what it should be and would personally call people before sending me another profile. However, in the meantime I received a threatning text from the 2nd person noted above (whom I never even went out with) stating harm he would do to me if he saw me out in person. You can likely understand how this was turning into a nightmare and asked Elaine for a refund. No refund, but she will add on to my membership (LOL) She states she has plenty of members, which I thought may have been the issue, but she denied. She states she cares about her customers. I will let you be the judge of this. I have emails to prove what I am stating here, along with text message threating me (which was sent to Elaine). This has turned out to be a scam and I will tell you where there is smoke there is fire. I will be going through a lot of aggravation to attempt to get my money back. My poor friend who referred me feels awful and will not refer anyone else as it stands now she doesnt want to take the risk of leading another friend down this path. I tried to make a complaint on the better business bureau and boy is that a big run around. Likely others have had issues and could not get a coplaint there either. Please be ware and be careful if you think your credit card will simply refund, this is a big hassle and may not happen." Source

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Website check registration date: 17 July 2005 - more than 3 years ago

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