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total scam

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DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Just ordered a camera yesterday. My order confirmation email didn't list the camera I had ordered or the amount I had paid. Today I received an email asking me to call the company to confirm my order. When I called, I was told I had forgotten to purchase the charger, battery and memory card for the camera and they tried to sell me a bundle of the items for $100. I told them I'd call them back. Instead, I called Visa and, thankfully, the charge for the camera had not shown up yet. I explained the situation to Visa and they reported my card as lost and issued me a new card. I should have done my homework to check the reputation of Power Seller Digital before ordering. I've learned my lesson!

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Same story as everyone. Filed a dispute with Visa and provided them a full 'brief' of all details needed to unquestionably reverse my charge. This company responded to Visa with a form letter claiming things that weren't even part of my dispute... they can't even keep their scams/lies straight. Based on this bogus detail and re-fabricated invoices with higher amounts on them, Visa has charged me back. Wow...I've been with them for 20+ years. I will attempt one more time to have this corrected with the Visa disputes dept. If anyone has any recommendations on what proof to show so that our credit card companies understand this scam, please post here.

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Same as all the other comments. They ask you to call to confirm the order, then try to upsell you or bait and switch. Scam

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Scam scam scam... they have no cameras in stock at all. The get orders and then purchase the cameras 3rd party if the customer with agree to be sold on stupid accessories. When you place an order they will either call you,email you or wait for you to contact them. When you hear from them they will say " oh we don't have that camera in stock, or the color is out of stock etc " then they will upsell you on batteries, cases, SD cards or even a more expensive camera and other crap. If you say no they will just cancel the order because they can't sell at those low prices without making up for it. Just save you're time and credit info, buy through a legit dealer not some scam that only guarantees a headache and bs

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My story is so similar to those of others that I will not be going into the details. I have filed a complaint with my credit card company and I am now waiting for a refund.
I also have filed a complaint with the FTC & encourage others to do so, as well. You can find the complaint form here:
This company needs to be shut down.

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As others have noted, they try to sell you batteries by falsely claiming that digital cameras do not include batteries anymore and that they must be purchased separately. Also they added a $27 "handling and insurance" fee despite claiming free shipping. The added fee was just added to the final charge even though the invoice lists "zero" for the box called handling packaging and insurance.

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After carefully reviewing the negative comments on PowerSellerDigital.com. I have in the past ordered these "way low priced" items and been stung with the exact same scam...promises, rude representative, hang ups, return stocking fees, etc. Most are out of New York or New Jersey.
I would never order from anyone with the negative reviews by actual buyers. Take your chances if you feel lucky!

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My wife did her research and landed on a nikon AW130. When she searched for best prices, she found power seller digital. Since it was at a cheaper price she called to make sure it was brand new in the box. Jerry answered and he told her it was brand new in the box. She also asked him if it could be shipped and arrive by a certain date. He told her it would be 30 extra charge for expedited shipping and he would have it shipped that day. She tried to order it over the phone, he quickly told here there would be a bonus tripod and case included if she ordered it from the website. Since she was saving money on the camera, she went for it. We now realize this was a carefully planned way to do the bait and switch high pressure sale by having her order online. Two days later, she got an email saying she needed to call and confirm the 3 digits on the credit card. When she called "2 days after it was already supposed to be shipped" He confirmed the credit card number and as she was about to get off the phone he told her" I noticed you didn't order this with a battery" She said, wait a minute, online it says it comes with a battery. He was very quick to say, that was for the model AW120 and not this one. Even though, the two models do not share info. He gave her two options for batteries, one at a lower price and another fast charge, extended model for 89. When she said she needed to look into this, he said the package will not get to you on time if you don't order the battery over the phone right now. Yes, she should have hung up on him. But wanting the camera and being under pressure, she agreed. So, a camera that should have been 264 with no tax and free shipping came to a total of 388 with the bait and switch and expedited shipping. Had he just shipped it on the original ordered date, there would have been no need to expedite at all.
My wife then called nikon after we got an original box with the original battery. Basically the same thing you could get from a brick and mortar store. She called nikon to confirm that the camera was new"checked serial number" and that it came from the factory with a battery included. Yes it was new and yes they all come with batteries.
We emailed asking to return the product with no response. 2 days later we called him and that conversation did not go well. He asked for the order number. We gave it to him. Then he said that we had already called in 2 days ago and someone should have sent us a return slip. We told him we had not called in 2 days prior. He then immediately said, "I don't understand what you want" Umm, we want to return the product because you said it didn't come with a battery, and it does from the factory and it came with the factory battery and not an upgraded fast charge, extended life one. Then he changed his original story and said that if we only wanted the camera without a battery, it would have come in a cardboard box and not the Nikon box. Then almost yelling, he said, what do you want. You want a new battery, I will send you a new battery. Yeah right, not falling for another BS line... We said we don't want another battery, we simply want to return the product for false advertising. He then told us he would send out a return slip and would charge us %15 of the purchase price. So wait a minute, you lied to us multiple times, advertised one thing online and then acted like it was a mistake when confronted about it, and now you want to make $50 or so for us to return a product you mislead us on. No way.
We told him we had already spoken to our credit card company and they wanted us to try to work it out. Once we said this, he yelled " Fine I will speak to the credit card company.... CLICK... He hung up on us.
So as of right now, the credit card company is handling the situation. DO not buy from POWERSELLERDIGITAL. Now that we have been duped, we have seen nearly countless reviews of the same thing happening to many different buyers. I don't understand how a company can get away with this.

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I ordered a camera the week of December 11th. I was hesitant as the camera was sold out in most other places, but I ordered it, fingers crossed.
A week later I get an email asking me to call to "confirm my order." Strange.
They acted like the security code on my credit card was incorrect. I knew he was lying. After giving it to him again, he stated rudely that I now have to pay for 3 day shipping. I refused having ordered the camera in plenty of time before Christmas. He said it was simple, pay the shipping fee or I won't get my camera.
I cancelled my order and he rudely said I wouldn't be charged and hung up on me.
Having researched them now (too late) I see they are a BS company with a decent website. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! IT IS A SCAM. I will be promptly calling my bank to change my card number as well.

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Do not use this site. Total scam. Items are refurbished not new. You cannot get any info from the to return the item

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DO NOT purchase from this company!! Similar experience. Purchased a Cannon Rebel T6 from them. They wanted me to call and confirm the order. Told me I only purchased the body and would I like to add a batter and memory card for 125.00. I could not understand how I purchased everything BUT those two things. All of it comes with this camera, states it on the box. So I ended up paying the additional money. Are they selling the contents of the camera SEPARATELY??!! i looked back at my order confirmation and my order on the website. No details of what I ordered. Just an order # and my information. I called and he insisted they were correct. These guys need to be shut down

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I purchased a Nikon B500 and was e-mailed and called the next day to return their call to verify my order. I did that and they told me the camera does not come with batteries. I would need to purchase a 2 hour or seven hour battery. If you look up the camera anywhere else, the camera does come with 4 LR6/L40 AA alkaline batteries. The sales person got really defensive and insulting when i told him that information and refused to sell me the camera when I refused his offer. He told me that I will not be receiving anything and hung up. I have never had a conversation with any type of business that speaks to customers in that manner. After contacting Nikon about their B500's contents, they verified that the camera DOES come with 4 AA batteries. I called back to complain and spoke to Lloyd, customer service manager. Lloyd told me the camera does not come with batteries and that I should purchase it from Best Buy or Nikon if I didn't accept their offer of another battery. I am baffled as to how management and sales speak to potential customers and continue to stay in business. it is totally shocking!

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I am not sure of where they are placed and I wished I had checked this website before ordering. They never sent a confirmation email about the order, I called and he said the order is placed. I never rec;d the order then I called and he kept interrupting over me that they cancelled, nothing will be charged nothing was sent, they dont have it in stock. And once I got upset about their service his words "So what is all that going to get you? we are not going to send you anything." So A in poor customer service, and F in commitment and scam.

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I made an order, but after a week, I still haven't seen any notification about my order, so I called the customer service. The rude representative directly cancelled my order and said they didn't have the camera. I said "why are you still selling it on the website? If you don't have it, you should at least mark "out of stock", or you are cheating." Then, he just said I made no sense and hung up.

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Rip off!! You buy a camera off their website to a great price but then they ask you to call them to confirm the order. When you call them and are not interested in a more expensive variant of the same camera they cancel the order on you and hang up on you. This kind of websites should be removed from the internet immediately.

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Should have checked reviews before purchasing a camera from these guys... Bait and switch is correct.
They show price for camera then call to tell you battery not included. I was told a price of 49.99 for battery and then when invoice arrived it was 49.99 for battery then another charge of 49.99 for charger..
When I called to return the item they wanted to charge 58.00 restock fee..

I called again to complain and then they said they had giving me an upgraded model from the ad and that they would switch everything out and send me the original model which was in turkish language... What!!

No where in the specs of the ad did it say turkish model. They said it didnt say us model either... What!!!


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Bait and switch. Appears to be lowest price, but after ordering, must contact company rep to CONFIRM order, at which point rep says that I must buy battery & other necessary accessories (sold separately) but other companies include these. When I refused and said that I wanted to cancel, rep got angry, hung up, and won't respond to my emails or calls. I can't determine whether my order is cancelled or not, so I had to contact bank to make sure a charge is not allowed to go through. Irritating experience.

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