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My experience here was totally the worst. Aira Ilao invents stories about people who resigned and said things that weren't true. She is good at making up stories. She gets a share from each agents' bonuses but she doesn't even work to help improve their performance. She spreads rumors and negativity, gossips, and is good at making herself look good by just calling the ISAs and bad-mouthing others. The HR personnel, JC Caacoy, totally doesn't know what he's doing. He has less knowledge of his role and has a very big mouth. He doesn't think about what he is saying and how it impacts Pipeline. He just invents things he says and has no concerns for employees. Not a characteristic of an HR. JC Caacoy is a scammer!!! This company sucks big time because salary and bonuses are all delayed and ALWAYS delayed. The Manager, Chad Cooley, bullies the employees. He asks for great performance but he himself cannot deliver what he has promised. The owner, Chad Storey, always makes ISAs wait for the salary. He doesn't approve them on time and doesn't fund them on time. Not to mention, hourly rate given by Pipeline is way below the market price of ISAs. They make ISAs look pitiful by having them follow up on their pays and bonuses and they just pass people around. No one takes accountability in this company.

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