reviews's reputation score is 3%, which is bad.

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I got a buddy that used his card number for PayPal will it still go through

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Has anyone else successfully paid out? Please explain how you did it!
Did it take 14 days?
Not having any luck

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I have over $1000 dollars I have my PayPal account sorted out but whenever I'm paying out money from part survey it keeps saying money sent please wait...when I check balance on PayPal it's ... Read more

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Where do u put the PayPal information at?

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No payments made

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You have to put it email in and ur PayPal email and then keep with it I'll keep you all informed as much as I can looks good so far first day

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I cashed out lastnight and my money was in my payza account this morning, $1003. When I signed up I did not put a account # in the blank I put my payza email address.

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Has anyone gotten paid yet ???????

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Has anyone actually gotten paid?

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They (Partsurvey) are trying to get your Paypal PASSWORD. Maybe 10% of all registered Partsurvey users sign up using the same PASSWORD. The Ukrainian mafia then drains those 10% Paypal accounts and leave these people screwed! BEWARE this is SCAM!

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How am I supposed to get my money since I didn't enter my information from the start?

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If u dont put paypal info then u ask how people got money ? they must have sent money to paypal , but since you didnt put paypal info the money is on hold, its not their fault.

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So I'm basically screwed because I didn't todo that?

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I also signed up but did not put any paypal information in because I don't actually have a 'card' with an account number. my paypal was set up to use my bank account and ebay. no account number to use. don't give out your bank info.

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your suppose to put it in before you sign up

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I met the $700.00 bench mark and attempted to "pay out".
It displayed a message that said "money sent.. please wait"

However- I never entered any PayPal information, so there&... Read more

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Very clear scam website. A lot of negative reviews posted, e.g. Kayla on 16 November 2016 commented: "I met the $700.00 bench mark and attempted to "pay out". It displayed a message that said "money sent.. please wait". However- I never entered any PayPal information, so there's no possible way they sent me my money!"


-- Robert
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ul.40 Let Pobedi, dom 30, kv. 2, Berezovka, 658056, ALTAY REGION, RU

[email protected]

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