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Online Team Builders's reputation score is 1%, which is bad.

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I spoke to Yvonne Browne I don't know how and where they got my phno. from might be i was searching online work from home. She sent me a link via text and asked me to login on her website and fil... Read more

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Anyone, I repeat, anyone that says you have to take the interview at that moment is more than likely looking for something you have. Money, I have firsthand witnessed marketing schemes like this and m... Read more

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Thanks, i nearly felt for this scam, too!

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This company is the definition of a Ponzi scheme. And Ive done several multilevel marking company as well as affiliate marketing, so its not the fact that I dont have an open mind. They do a pretty gr... Read more

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You do an interview where you are told you have to complete all this training in 48 hours. It’s video after video the first one being 2 hours long. The videos go on about the people that manange it,... Read more

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I have been searching for a work from home job as well. A legitimate one I might add. So I signed up for some ... Read more

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saw something on one of my job search emails and went onto the site which stated it was work from home entering data into the internet to get paid $15 per entry...ok great says they have been on CNN, ... Read more

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I made the mistake of filling out the PIQ for this but then wondered how could an interview be online without some way of viewing the interview? How would I meet them? I found this site and knew this ... Read more

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I also have not applied for this job yet have been getting calls. How are they getting our phone numbers and emails?!

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I wonder if half the negative comments are from people that haven't been accepted into the company. They are selective. It gives people opinions without even checking it out. Not everything is for everybody. Have an open mind.

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This company is selling good products. Stuff you would normally buy anyway. Some people just don't get the idea of it which is a shame. Stop putting it down when you don't know anything about it. I haven't joined yet, but I plan to.

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I feel like i need a DUNCE cap on my head after sitting through the webinar "interview". I logged onto the site but something told me I should look for reviews of the company online. This just confirmed my feelings. Thanks for the waste of time. Trash

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I think the only people making money from home are the ones who talk people into the interview and get a commission on it. Maybe an override on the cash that they sucker the people out of.

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Pushy...Only talk about being a global Co. Evasive bordering on rude.

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You will probably think I am off the wall, but I always check with psychics before I do anything. There are 3 that I fully trust and have helped me in the past. They all gave this company a thumbs up... Read more

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I was contacted by Ms. Davies Zantjer, she spoke fast, didn't answer the question of where was she calling from (meaning company) just stated we are an "at home work" detail... Read more

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I do not pay first to get a job. Waisted time.

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would never work a normal job again. The economy is changing, Peoples lives are changing, and peoples health is changing.
This is an opportunity not only can I and you make but for everyone to do it ... Read more

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interesting how the so-called positive reviews are sounding defensive. No real business would do that. thanks but no thanks.

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I spent 5 hours going through all emails on jobs I applied for and guess what never applied for this one
I was lied to told I applied for this job, I told the rep Kim I thought I had been contacted be... Read more

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Website check registration date: 09 January 2013 - more than 3 years ago

Domain registrant: Dennis Seifert

Organization: Responsive Data LLC

Address: Suite 115, Mesa, 85215, Arizona, US

Phone number: 8884553237

E-mail: [email protected]

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