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Momentum Pensions Mslta's reputation score is 1%, which is bad.

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Incompetent, intransigent, lying, cheating robbers

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Apallingly incompetant handling of our investments, they (Momentum) and our Trustees, Continental Wealth Management have Lost ?.....Mis-invested?.....make vanish thousands of pounds of our money..........robbers the lot of them! Do not use them!!

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My small pension is now worth less than half after 3 years with Momentum

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Inappropriate investments in high risk products for professional investors against my instructions for low risk products by advisors appointed by Momentum trustees. No basic checks made, my Fund down by approx. 100k.

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In my experience I have found them to be negligent in their role as Trustees.

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In the space of 3 years of Momentum being my trustees my pension has lost 2/3rds of it's value. They have allowed unregulated financial advisers pass business to them to the detriment of the investor. A company to be avoided.

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Very disappointed with Momentum,having lost 200k thru CWM collapse they still will not except responsibility for what happened, and they are to blame .

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Allowed an unregulated 'advisor' invest in high risk structured notes for a low risk pension fund - losing millions off the fund

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These people allowed our pension pots to lose over 75% of the capital investment in just 2 years while benefiting from HUGE fees... Avoid!!

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Are these people dyslexic or deliberately trying to hide their identity? Anyway, they watched my pension lose nearly half it’s value due to completely inappropriate investments. Took no action to halt this fall. Apparently no duty of care for the people who have entrusted them with their money.

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Momentum as Trustees have 'diligently' allowed my €245k in 2013 to be reduced to a present day €58k .. without one word of apology and ignoring all questions on how they allowed this to happen.

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Have been responsible for allowing unregulated advisers pass business to them which they have invested into high cost, high risk funds and insurance bonds that were not necessary., They have not expre... Read more

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They treat their pension investors disgracefully. They have allowed funds to be invested in high risk structured notes through an unregulated advisory firm . They have not looked after peoples interests AT ALL.

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I lost £100,000 using Momentum and they will not supply me basic information about my investments or my fees.

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Have seen my 250k investment reduce by 190k with the apparent blessing of Momentum! Everyone else's fault except themselves, even though they were the Trustees .. and charging exorbitant rates for their service!

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Have no duty of care to you & will allow all your investments to go into high risk notes no matter what your risk profile...avoid at all costs, they will lose your money.

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Not to be trusted! Will to let you down when you need them the most!

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Ground Floor, Crown Marina, Ta' Xbiex Seafront, Ta' Xbiex XBX 1027, Malta

+356 2787 7677

[email protected]

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