In the interests of fairness i don't think you can lay the blame for the problems and failure of pensions transacted through Continental Wealth Management (CWM) entirely at the door of Momentum. CWM were forging documents and trading instructions which were then being sent to Momentum for countersignature, CWM advised their clients on the underlying assets including the structure (bond - usually with RL360 or OMI) and the underlying investments - and doing this in many cases illegally by forging client signatures or by non disclosure of the fact clients were being put into products designed for professional investors. I don't work for Momentum, however, the issues with CWM aside they are one of the stronger pension trustees in the pensions space. Could they have done more? Yes and they have changed their policies in light of the issues caused by CWM. At the end of the day CWM were crooks and thieves - it is them who have benefited financially from destroying peoples pensions and towards them anger should be directed.

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