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So I have been dealing with this company for a couple of weeks now. It has been nothing but one problem after the next. After selecting my vehicle from their site, having a vehicle show up which looks exactly like mine (its a civic, pretty common) I proceeded to purchase a suitable rack. They did not honour the free shipping at first, so I had to cancel the order, get my customs refunded by the shipping company then re-order everything. When the product got to me, it did not fit my car even remotely. I contacted the manufacture of said racks and they informed me they do not even make a fit kit for my car. So either Micks site is horrible at organizing their products or they just don't care about their customers. I am beyond outraged by the whole process. The attempts to first contact and get shipping costs sorted was a nightmare. Getting them to agree to refund me was a hassle. Then onto of it all, to ship the good back to them to get it refunded, it is going to cost me 3x (almost $700) the racks value to get it to them. Their answer was "shop for a cheaper courier". Please do not buy from this company, they may mean well but they are disorganize, combative and very very against helping the customer ensure they are satisfied.

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