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Macro Realty Developments is a société anonyme company in real estate. Macro Realty Developments's reputation score is 1%, which is bad.

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Veronica Macpherson is a low down thief

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Veronica Macpherson did not act alone. The other Director of the company, Renee Cox nee Smith, was in Australia orchestrating tbe operation and co-ordinating the contracts. Renee is the evil one. She ... Read more

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Veronica Macpherson's main associate Michael LaMotte from Prequin Finance and Securities Pty Ltd !
Did anyone had dealings with him please contact ASIC urgently .....and let us know also ...

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REBA and DOCEP were warned in 2014/2015 about this crazy lady and her sidekick Renee Cox (Smith)and their underhanded management of other people money. Investors I feel for you however you should'... Read more

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2017 is the year Veronica goes to jail. She is a worthless and disgusting human being and always will be for the rest of her life.

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Get some of her hairs or her personal belonging.

Proceed to Thailand and seek spiritual assistance to pay black spell on her.

She deserves to hv the evil spirits living in her body.

Only way to hv our $ return.

Black magic works

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Apply black magic or voodoo on her. Let thee evil spirits live in her and slowly torment her to her bones. Slow death to her and her cronies. May justice prevail.

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I acquired 3 properties from Macro in 2013 in South Hedland and I'm now in serious debt and lost millions of dollars . She promised to buy back these properties as the rental income doesn'... Read more

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This despicable excuse for a human being is still cheating investors and is ignoring the ASIC orders that prevent her from giving any financial services .. She is still trying to sell her fraudulent p... Read more

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Latest update is more lies and smoke screens .. when asked she never explains what happened to the fund that was raised .no houses have been built so therefore she should be able to return investors money unless she has stolen it.

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Unpaid promises and capital due.

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Veronica has been stealing millions of dollars from innocent people for many years .. She has many millions hidden in private bank accounts access the world ..she thinks she will get away with her devious and unlawful actions

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keep me updated please.....

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whats the latest updates!

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Write to the press forum for advice or seek govt aid for advices.
Govt. Legal aid to recover your $.

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All my $ with Marco.
I've been cheated.
Now limited $ to live till my last breath.
Living by a meal a day.
In my sixties now, no family and no children for financial support.
No job to make it worst.
Any advice from kind soul out there?

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For investor taking her legally for cheating.
Followings are abstracts of Marco realty development s pre Ltd registered with ACRA Singapore.

Issued share capital 2001000$sgd.
Office: 8 Shelton way.#0... Read more

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Go to website and search:
Companies blacklisted by MAS Singapore

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Go to website and search:
Companies blacklisted by MAS Singapore

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3/931 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park WA 6101, Australia

+61 8 9361 6612

Incorporation Date
28 December 2015

[email protected]

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Société anonyme

8 Shenton Way, AXA Tower #04-02, Singapore 068811

Real Estate

Affiliated Companies: Macro Realty Macro Reality Developments


, Carpe Diem
, Events, Marketing and Travel Coordinator at MACRO Realty Developments
, Human Resources Lead at MACRO Realty Developments
, Affiliate Senior Manager at MACRO Realty Developments
, HR Advisor | 9 years experience in HR
, Experienced Marketing, Brand Manager and Strategist in the Property Development Industry.
, Strategist at MACRO Realty Developments
, Senior Strategist MACRO Realty Developments
, Chief Financial Officer
, Contracts Manager at MACRO Realty Developments

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United States

United Kingdom


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