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Macro Realty is a privately held company in real estate with 51-200 employees founded in 2002. Macro Realty's reputation score is 1%, which is bad.

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Interested to hear from Peter and John regarding any information on 'other finance companies' including the one mentioned by John.

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There are other guilty parties involved in tbe scheme such as the other director RENEE JUNE COX nee SMITH. It was physically impossible for Veronica Macpherson do all the wrong she is accused of as sh... Read more

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Renee June Cox (née Smith), Kara Trip & Steven Stanbrook couldn’t lie straight in bed. About time ASIC and the Federal Police looked into these people as well as Veronica Macpherson.

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Linda Barnett was hopeless and having dementia didn't help her . With a poor me she is on Centrelink now.

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I (and many others here in Malaysia) invested in Macro projects which have folded. We have lost not only our promised interest payments but all principle as well.
Veronica McPherson herself came to M... Read more

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MACRO Property Developments misled and cheated many investors from around the globe.

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hahaha hope Renee Cox (nee: Smith) goes down with V, both very evil ladies..

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Did anyone invested $$$ with Prequin Securities Pty Ltd ?

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Did anybody attend the so called update from Veronica the scam queen

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Go to Thailand and seek spiritual advice.

May need to hv some of her hairs or personal belongs.

Apply Thai black magic or voodoo on Her.

Let the evil spirits live within her.

May the evil spirits attack and torment her and all her cronies.

Slowly n painful death to them all.

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Veronica Macpherson is currently dealing with many "Financial Companies" to continue her "Ponzi Scheme"!

To All Investors !!!

Did you invested your money with a another "Financial Company" raising money for her Projects from 2014 ?

Please let us know!

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Watch out for ...

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This dispicable person ha stolen so much money and now wants to charge all her victims $200 to attend a dinner where she will continue mislead us all . She is the Devil.

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ECU MBA graduate. LOL! Smells fishy.

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Veronica has millions of dollars hidden in bank accounts all over the world ..she's laughing all the way k the bank with her boyfriend

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Veronica Macpherson will get her punishment, the worst type of conwoman on earth! I wonder how she can eat and sleep without feeling quilty for stealing our retirement fund?

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Company has collapsed owing hundreds of millions of dollars.Veronica refuses to tell the truth.She has no assets and has probably hidden several millions.A truly bad and evil person.

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Veronica stolen several millions of Dollars from Singapore , Malaysia , UK , Dubai , Europe ...Lied and fraudulently stole from everybody . She deserves everything she gets .

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Liers, dishonest, even when the company went under, they stole the money without have to pay back at their investors, where as I am one of them. I hope you get what you deserve..

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Entire company has collapsed due to mall practice and systematic abuse of investor funds

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[email protected]

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Privately Held

931 Albany Highway, Perth, WA 6101 Australia

Real Estate

Company Size
51-200 employees


Affiliated Companies: Macro Realty Developments Macro Reality Developments Macro Realty Pty Ltd


, Asst to the ceo
, Property Manager
, Director
, Director
, Director
, Public relations
, Practice Manager at Smartwealth Advice
, Regional Development Manger
, Contract Services Officer
, Strategist / Sales and Networking Professional./ Health & Online Buisness Coach/ Actor
, Sales/ Client Liaison at MACRO Realty

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MACRO REALITY DEVELOPMENTS - RepScore = 33% (Average), similarity index = 23%

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United States

United Kingdom

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Summary Of First National Financial GP Corporation v. Macro Realty ...

Mar 19, 2014 ... This was an Appeal of a Master's dismissal of an Application for Summary Judgment. The Appellant argued that the Master erred in the two ...

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