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There are things that LTX dont tell you upfront. Chief amongst them, you cannot withdraw any money UNTIL the traded volume of the account is 40 times your initial deposit. For example, if you placed £250 as your initial deposit, until they trade £10,000.00 volume, then you cannot withdraw your capital.
The trouble is everyone realises this too late and they are halfway from the required turnover. At this point, your account manager disappears. (love it when that happens). You will then get to speak to someone like Jonathan Collins who basically gives you a choice - either take your initial deposit and go away or wait until your volume is reached.
At that point, you will think ok, fine I will hold tight because I am halfway. Big mistake. Guranteed, after that, huge risks are then taken on the account. In my particular experience, 97% of the entire portfolio was traded in one night. The result is complete loss of all your funds. Ironically, even the £7 cannot be withdrawn because the account did not quite hit the turnover.
Next steps for someone with an account: Call LTX now. Ask for your initial deposit. Find someone reputable like St James Wealth Management, someone who knows what it means to have risk management in place. Invest your money and you dont have to suffer dealing with this lot. Happy to take questions!

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