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Posted Feb 5, 2016 by OrangeWebsiteStinks
OrangeWebsite is being pulled apart for their extortion business and defamation posts on CheaterReport, LiarsCheatersRus, CheaterReports, KarmaSiren, STDRegistry, and More!

PRFree.Org (Press Release) Feb 5, 2016 -- Henri Kalle Johannes of Orangwebsite.com is hosting a number of illegal websites. He hosts websites where people sell false and forged documents. He also runs a ring of extortion sites such as CheaterReport.com, KarmaSiren.com, LiarsCheatersRUs.com, CheaterReports.com, and a number of other sites. He has scraped years old defamation posts about people and uploaded them onto various sites. If you are listed on ANY of these sites, I am going to tell you how to get removed for free so you don't have to pay these people.

First, make sure to contact the police in Finland. Look up their FBI and file an online complaint. you MUST do this first. One you have that report number, you can move on to the next step to get your information off of CheaterReport.com, LiarsCheatersRUs.com, CheaterReports.com, STDRegistry.com, and KarmaSiren.com.

Next, contact the Hosting Provider for the privacy protect service. They are Leaseweb Netherlands for most of the sites. Submit an abuse complaint and your content will be removed. You don't have to pay those extortionists.

Send in a DMCA complaint and an extortion/abuse complaint. Again, it has to be the Hosting Provider of the privacy protect site, because they have found some squatter in the Bahamas who won't respond to complaints. It took months to find out this information, but you're welcome.

They post anyone they can on these extortion sites. If you try to fight back, they make up stuff and slander you all over the internet. DO NOT GIVE IN. They are known cyber terrorists under investigation. We can and will beat them!
Additional employees of orangewebsite.com in this illegal endeavor are Joona J. Karppinen and Aðalsteinn P. Karlsson aka Steini P. There's also a man going by Gundmundur.

Apparently Henri Kalle Johannes has a Thai girlfriend/wife he's purchased with his ill gotten gains named Passorn Chalalai.
He pretends he is in Iceland, but they are in Finland.

Orange Website Finland
Hannikaisenkatu 14 c8
FI-40100 Jyvaskyla

Henri Kalle Johannes
hannikaisenkatu 14 c8
fi-40100 jyvaskyla

**Do not do business with Orangewebsite.com or you could be indicted as a co-conspirator.**
-- end ---
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Contact Email : [email protected]
Issued By : Robert Johnson
Business Address : Hannikaisenkatu 14 c8
FI-40100 Jyvaskyla
Country : Finland
Categories : Internet
Tags : orangewebsite.com, Orange Website, Henri Kalle Johannes, Passorn Chalalai, Aðalsteinn Karlsson, Joona Karppinen, cyber terrorist, Finland
Last Updated : Feb 5, 2016

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