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Jody Bell Sl's reputation score is 12%, which is bad.

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I agree she openly admits in this interview that she works for CWM and also runs a charity and that the company is worth millions. If this is the case why did they close so suddenly. In the Champagn... Read more

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Claims she is innocent of all wrongdoings at CWM - the 'Wealth Company' that she openly talks about on TV as making her her millions! However, evidence shows that she was CEO, and was defini... Read more

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Check out what people are saying about Jody Smart, or Jody Stuart, or Jody Stuart Smart. Do not believe a word that comes out of that disgusting mouth. With her blue eyes, her false blond hair, her fa... Read more

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Where is the confirmation from the regulator to back up her status on Facebook ????? It was never going to happen as ALL lies. CWM has financially supported both GAW and Jodybell.

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This woman is onto her next millionaire beau. Let’s see how long that lasts until she bleeds him dry !!!!!!! FP if you are reading this get out while you can. Your pocket will never be big enough for this greedy woman

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It is a bigger picture than any of us clients will ever get to know I am sure. There are many of us that want questions answered by the administrator still driving around in an expensive car? still ru... Read more

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A woman who is responsible for taking so much money out of a company (CWM) who she was administrator for to fund her other businesses and pleads poverty and to be left penniless but can still afford t... Read more

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This woman is a villian! Check her out on YouTube.

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Jody Bell, Smart, GAW, she goes by many names! Was the Director of CWM, a company that stole hundreds of peoples pensions, she is a villian!

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Vile woman with a massive ego. And her clothes are s#it

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This company is owned by Jodie Smart who was the administrator of the CWM. She is hungry for fame and will use people along the way to gain this.

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Stole other people’s pensions to fund your so called fashion empire did you?

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This woman is a scam artist with multiple names and multiple companies responsible for a huge pension fraus scheme across Europe. Do not trust her.

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This woman was the Director of CWM, the company who are responsible for losing many peoples pensions. She is a villian & hides behind her pretend charity GAW

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Jody bell / Kirby / of several companies including pension scammers cwm recently closed down taking millions of pounds of peoples pensions.

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This person is financial administrator for the now defunct CWM.....a financial company that has lost hundreds of people their pension funds. Steer well clear

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Jody Bell is a villian, she is responsible for stealing hundreds of peoples pensions, her charity GAW is a cover.

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Jody Bell has hidden behind her GAW, charity, while scamming innocent people of their pensions. She was the Director of CWM who have been closed down.

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This is the company responsible for draining all of the money from the recently closed CWM

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GRIFFIN BELL Obituary - Cleveland Heights, OH | The Plain Dealer

Feb 25, 2015 ... BELL GRIFFIN MICHAEL BELL 25. Son of Eric and Jody Bell; older brother of Anderson and Cameron; grandson of Allan and Terry Goldberg, ...

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