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I take extreme offense to the negative and obviously biased review written here by an agent who was turned down from working with Ideal Concepts, Inc..
Obviously, the agent ad says Remote Agents are required to have one year experience selling health insurance (aka "ACA", which stands for "Affordable Care Act". Medicare is completely separate from health insurance.)
If you read the ads, it explicitly states that "In-House" agents- meaning agents that are working out of their Pennsylvania office- can be unlicensed when they interview.
I've worked at Ideal Concepts for over 3 years now and have never encountered any other complaint of racism. Our agents are a mix of all colors, and considering 99% of them work remotely, you'd be hard pressed to find a recruiter who even knew what nationality an agent was during the interview process.
I also find the agent's description of "cherry picking" senseless, considering "cherry picking" by definition is to select the best or most desirable. I would hope that we only choose the best and most desirable agents to represent our products.
In response to his/her complaint about it being captive, we work with over 50 different carriers in all 50 states, and you get your pick of which states. You are only required to work through us if you elect to use the $50,000 worth of free leads per year we provide agents. Why would we provide that many leads for free and then watch you sell a carrier we aren't contracted with? If you want to sell carriers with whom we are not contracted, you are more than welcome to- you just then have to pay for your leads, obviously. That's an industry standard.
In defense of Joe Cocuzza- he's a fantastic recruiter who is well liked by everyone who works with him- other employees and agents alike. We have never received a single complaint about him. He's works tremendously hard for this company, and is part of the reason we've experienced a more than 700% growth in sales in just the past year.
I'm sorry that this anonymous person was unable to earn a contractor position with Ideal Concepts, but obviously he/she just did not have the background or experience we were looking for. As someone who has worked in several different departments here, I'm extremely proud of what we've accomplished and what we provide agents.

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