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I ordered a Nikon lens 5 weeks ago,called me,saying if I wanted US version,it would be $94 more.Promised expedited shipping and a free filter.15 phone calls later,still no tracking # and no lens.I filed a fraud charge with credit card company.This company is nothing but a scam !!

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I ordered a camera online (deal!) on May 22, and have heard nothing from them. They don't answer the phone, don't reply to emails. My experience is exactly like so many listed here. DO NOT USE this website. The "Deal" is not worth the pain.

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This place is a scam. Do not buy!

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Fraud at (GPS Outlets;
On Apr 09 2017 I ordered online a new Nikon D5500 digital camera with an 18-55 mm lens from GPS Outlets for $465.89. The next day I received a phone call from GPS Outlets to tell me that the camera does not come with a battery and that the battery will be an extra $100. I (naively) agreed to this extra charge if they would provide me a new invoice specifying the additional charges and equipment. That should have been my warning to immediately cancel the order. Who sells a camera without a battery??? Since that call, I have received no new invoices from GPS Outlets, either by email, phone, or on my online GPS Outlets order profile. I later found that the standard battery that comes with the camera kit (EN-EL14a) costs about $30.
On Apr 24 my bank contacted me to let me know that “ADIGITAL” (GPS Outlets) had attempted to charge my card $599.00 on four separate occasions since Apr 10, but that these had triggered a fraud alert and the bank had blocked these transactions. GPS Outlets had not only unethically upsold me on an over-priced battery, but added an extra $35 for good measure. At no time has GPS Outlets provided any justification for these additional charges beyond the $465.89 for the camera. My bank was correct in flagging this transaction: fraud was an appropriate designation. My bank also informed me that that this “business” is based in the United Kingdom, not New Jersey.
Over the next two days I repeatedly called GPS Outlets at their customer service number (805-723-8335), but received an automated message that stated their business hours (which I was calling within), but that their offices were closed. I also sent emails to GPS Outlets ([email protected]) on Apr 24 and again on Apr 25 demanding that the order be cancelled immediately and in its entirety, but with no reply.
On May 1, I received the following email from GPS Outlets ([email protected]): “Your order has been processed & will be billed shortly, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 805-723-8335 502 & we will be glad to help. Thank You For Shopping With Us”
Once again, I repeatedly called the customer service number listed in the email, but no one answered. I then sent an email on May 1 to [email protected] to immediately cancel my order and that I do not authorize a charge of $599.00 for this camera.
When I logged into my GPS Outlets on May 6, the sale was still pending and has not been canceled or modified. There was also no detail of the products I would be receiving for these charges beyond the $465.89 for the Nikon D5500 camera. There has been absolutely no attempt to GPS Outlets to contact me to discuss this matter. Later that day (May 6) I contacted my credit card company and learned that GPS Outlets had received the $599.00 on May 2. Upon learning the history of this transaction, the credit card company took back the $599.00 from GPS Outlets; GPS Outlets never even attempted to protest. Given this history, I can unequivocally recommend avoiding this company for any transactions. It is clearly a scam!

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Also placed an order but can't reach anybody at the company. There's no way to cancel the order. Still haven't been charged, so I'm going to turn off my card.

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order a camera April 9th and it is April 26 th. Still no camera. They said 7 -10 days for shippment. Unable to reach them by phone , no response to email. Will have to cancel credit card payment. Terrible service. Or mayb thery r not for real

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Still waiting for my order placed on March 27th and billed to my credit card. Asked for tracking information only to see that camera wasn't even shipped until April 10th. Original order was for $499.99 but ended up with a charge of $699.99 for "battery" Was invoiced with a package with a bunch of sh$t I didn't order or wanted. Tracking says order should arrive April 18th, we will see... Would never do business with this guy again, must have had problems before as I had to authorize a CC payment to them by calling my CC company. Wish I'd seen these reviews before.

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If you try to buy a camera they try to sell you separately the battery for it
then they tell you that it's not available and it takes weeks to ship from overseas even though it still says available on their website ,then they tell you can buy it with the battery from USA for a higher price than Best Buy....

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I read the other 5 star reviews and am totally surprised. This is one of the worst experiences I have had with ordering online. I received an email confirming the order and that it was processing. I was in a hurry for this camera for my job but was willing to wait the amount of days for shipping as specified on the site. I ordered it with a credit card that had the same billing address that I was asking them to ship the camera to - but for some reason they felt the need to "verify" the order because 4 days later I receive an email saying the order "had to be verified" and that they tried to contact me and failed. All I received is one voice mail on that same day saying they needed to speak to me and to call back. I called but they were closed. At this point I was already 4 days behind in shipping! Granted there was a weekend in the 4 day delay that they were closed for business on 2 days - but a good company would let you know in the ordering process online that a verification will be needed and when to call. Not wait 4 days to tell you they failed to contact you (like there were many attempts or something). The next day I left work to call and get this verified but was put on hold 30 minutes. A man came on briefly and I explained that I needed to verify an order. He put me back on hold and then the call was disconnected. I called back 2 more times only to be cut off again after being on hold. Since he had my phone number from calling the previous day to say they needed to reach me, you would think he would call me back after disconnecting with me 3 times. Nope! I had to go back to work so I sent an email to cancel the order. I let them know in an email how horrible I thought this whole process was in regards to customer service and requested it to be cancelled immediately. They answered the email that it would be cancelled and my card not charged, offering no apology, nothing. In my opinion I do not think they even had the camera in stock and were using delay tactics. After all, they were advertising it at $600 cheaper than other sites. If it seems too good to be true, it is. Beware.

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I found what I thought was a great deal on a camera and a lens, and after I ordered it they gave me a call saying that it did not include a battery or a memory card. A memory card I can understand, but no battery?? Isn't that standard? They then wanted to charge me all kinds of extra money for additions, which would totally negate the "deal". What a scam. Look elsewhere.

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I placed an order online however no merchandise was received. When I called the phone number listed, it was answered very non business like and without asking me name, address or any other info they informed me that my order was canceled. They had no way to know how to link my order to me. When I asked if website is legit he answered "we're bulls hit just like you". Phone has recording of "business currently closed although it is within their supposed business hours.

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Ordered a camera on 3/15/2017, i was charged $150 more than my invoice was for, when I asked about it I was told it was for the battery. I have never received a tracking number or the camera. Last week I was told I was getting it this week. After reading the reviews on this page I think I better dispute the charges now.

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I don't recall when I ordered the new camera body from, but I was billed on March 27, 2017. I was told I would receive it in about a week. I didn't receive anything, so I called each day. Same as other above comments: no one answered the phone, they were closed during their announced business hours, etc. I finally got an answer, the guy told me he was sorry and that it would be shipped out right away. So , being that it hadn't been shipped, I couldn't get any tracking numbers. Called again, a guy answered, said I would received it on Saturday March 25th, (Today is Sunday, the 26th). I didn't received it. Just called their offices. Same BS. I'm calling my bank now to make a claim. I should of been MORE diligent in my Scam site searching. Do NOT go to this site!

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This website is terrible. Ordered a camera, charged higher prince on credit card than invoiced price. Called for dispute, their answer was, order has been cancelled by they never returned charged amount to credit card. Never use website.

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ordered a camera on Friday. they called me back today and said it is import version which made by plastic!! then offered us version with price tag same as Bestbuy. never order anything else. Not sure if great reviews are real, but negative reviewers had a same experience.

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Another scam. they will call in 2-3 days and ask you to buy accessories. if you refuse to buy, they change the price. don't waste your time.

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Great camera!!! Thank you.

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Ordered a camera on a Friday Morning. By Tuesday the following week there was no charge processing on my account or email stating that the camera had shipped. I called customer service and a voicemail stated they were closed even though it was during "regular business hours."
I ended up cancelling my card to limit the risk of any fraudulent activity.

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Still waiting for my order placed two weeks ago. I have tried calling them and get a recorded message that the are either closed, or all lines are busy. Sent an email and their response was to tell me to call.

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