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Website check registration date: 24 December 2016 - less than a year ago

Address: 135 N GRAND AVE, LOS ANGELES, 90012, CA, US

Phone number: +1.2136282772

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I ordered two fridgidaire 6000btu air conditioners from this site on April 13 2017 and paid with my credit card.. Alittle while later i recieved a paypal reciept of payment to a persons name.. I became very suspicious because i paid a company and not a person.. I began calling their number which turns out to be a free google voice number.. I became even more suspicious.. No one ever picked up the phone or replied back to my emails.. I then called my credit card card service number because my bank who gave me this credit was closed being that it was the evening time.. I explained the situation and they suggested i cancelled the card and wait for a new card with new numbers in the mail. They then told me to wait for the transaction to post on my account so i could dispute it through my bank.. I proceeded to call Paypal the next day and explained the situation and immediately the put a hold on the money and began a case dispute.. They said the investigation would take about 10 days while they give the seller a chance to ship out items and give paypal a copy of the tracking numbers.. Paypal only asked me to be patient a few days for the outcome and assured me that the money was on hold and the seller wouldnt be able to withdraw funds without providing paypal proof of shipment... I then waited 2 days to call my bank to ask if the transaction was posted so i could dispute it.. Needless to say, my bank (credit union) was of no help! they began to say that this charge was not a scam although i explained my reasons for believing that this company wasnt legit.. I explained that "" didnt have a real telephone number, that they dont pick up the phone ever, that i have read reviews online from others stating that they never recieved items and that i charged my credit card to this company yet i recieved a paypal reciept for payment to a persons name. My credit union bank "Usalliance Financial" stated that they couldnt help me and that it was Card services problem! They then transfered my call to card services and card services wasnt much help either stating that this isnt a scam because i charged my credit card for this transaction.. I proceeded to tell them " I want to dispute the item and i want a refund" and then they proceeded to say " Well i am not sure if you can get your money back but we will mail you out a dispute form so you can sign and return to us"!! I became disgusted!! I couldnt believe Usalliance wasnt much of a help in this situation and how Card services werent either.. Thankfully, Paypal immediately put a hold on the transaction and after 10 days and still no reply from the seller, paypal sent me an email saying that that case was ruled in my favor and that in about 3-5 business days i will get my money back.. I just recieved paypal's email today and i feel great.. Now i will just wait for the funds to be put back on my account..... P.s If your wondering why i called my bank to dispute it even after i called paypal, was because i wanted to request help from everywhere just incase... And being that the credit card i used came from my bank i needed to inform them as well... So No thanks Usalliance financial and Card Services!!! Thank you Paypal!!! Please Dont take any chances with this company "GOONCENTER.COM You just might lose your money... I have learnt my lesson and will be extra careful from what company i purchase from online... I will call them first, read reviews, verify if they are rated with the BBB, and other searches as well... But most likely i will just purchase from Big chain known stores...Godbless you to all who read this review and i pray that God protect you and your funds while you are purchasing online and in-store!!!

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I ordered a baby stroller and paid with my card and immediately got a confirmation email but its been almost two weeks now without delivery. I called their number several times but always busy. I sent mails but no response. This site appears to me as a scam. Please how do I go about getting my money back as I am a visitor to the US. Planned going back to my country in the next two weeks.

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I ordered a bun BUN and 10 cup velocity coffee maker on April 12 I received email saying that it was ordered confirmed paid through PayPal then order status changed to awaiting shipment that was the last thing I heard until last night when I emailed the site and ask how come I haven't heard anything more from them then today I received an email saying that it was being shipped and it was on the truck for delivery today I met the UPS guy open the box that was labeled Macy's I do not have a bun coffee maker I have a Cuisinart which I did not order. So now I'm waiting to hear back from the email that I just sent with the picture asking why I was sent a Cuisinart from Macy's. The billing address on my Macy's shipment and detailed invoice Sally KIRWAN out of Southberry Connecticut. Needless to say I am not a happy shopper right now

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Big time scam ordered product never shipped. Pay pal cleaned up mess and refunded my money. Pay pal rocks.

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SCAM BEWARE! They are shipping items from Kohls using stolen KOHLS credit cards. Thankfully I payed through paypal and was refunded my original payment method. There is no way to contact company as they never reply to emails and the phone number listed is always busy regardless of time called. Notified KOHLS of the charge for this item on another woman's credit card and was told they are receiving a lot of calls regarding this. Stay away from this company.

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I received the wrong product and have contacted the company 3 times so far with no results. It was an expensive 139.00 item. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

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I have replied to the original order confirmation, I have sent a message through the contact form every single day since the purchase, and I have tried to contact through the email provided here with absolutely no response! You can't call the number because it just gives a busy signal. Im only left to believe this is a scam! I have children, and I need my money back or a tracking number for the stroller I ordered.I have replied to the original order confirmation, I have sent a message through your contact form every single day since the purchase, and I have tried to contact through the email provided here with absolutely no response! You can't call the number because it just gives a busy signal. Im only left to believe this is a scam! I have children, and I need my money back or a tracking number for the stroller I ordered.

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Stay away, scam site

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I purchased a playhouse for my granddaughter's birthday. Received 4 e-mails immediately. My order was supposedly awaiting shipment. Then...heard nothing for a week. Tried calling the #s listed. One is busy....the other is a movie theater. Do not order anything from this site. It is a scam!

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I ordered a stroller and received confirmation emails both from Goon Center and Paypal as well as updated delivery emails. Seems great, right? Nope! I was visited by a police officer because the stroller I'd ordered and paid for was being shipped to me from Kohls and had been paid for using someone else's account fraudulently who had then rightfully reported it the police. This is totally a scam site. Don't be lured in by the low prices.

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Ordered a Bissel Spotbot received it several days via FedEx from a Kohl's distribution center. It was brand new and half the price that Kohls showed it on their website site. Paid with Discover card through PayPal very happy.

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I ordered a Bissell waverunner from them feb 27. First the order was delayed. Then they sent me tracking # from ups I tracked it said it was delivered to Rio Rancho NM which about 160 miles from where I live. I started a case with pay pal. I also emailed Meianie Williams (the seller) 3 times to get no reply. I found 2 phone # that I tried to call one in PENNSYLVANIA 1-412-314-0134 ALSWAYS BUSY. 1 in LA California 1-412-314-0134 which is theater. I am sure this out fit is nothing but a scam I still have nothing

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received a confirmation email right after online purchase, but nothing else. Efforts to contact seller by email and phone bore no fruit. Seems like a fraudulent business.

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Was going to make a order called the # all day long ,good thing I didn't order, most likely a scam thanks previous reviews

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SCAM,SCAM,SCAM. This site has been reported to Paypal and the FBI Cybercrimes unit.

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I ordered a Breville toaster oven on 2/27/17. I received an e-mail confirmation of the order almost immediately. However shipment was delayed due to Goon Center's failure to receive verification through PayPay. PayPal provided verification to me that they had received payment. I then attempted to reach GoonCenter by phone, but the number is always busy.
Sent e-mail and have no response. Recontacted PayPal who is now processing a claim. Although I processed payment through GoonCenter the name showing up on PayPal is Sallie Hoover.
The cite appears to me to be a SCAM.

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I ordered a stroller last Friday it's now Wednesday and I haven't received any emails confirming and I tried calling there # and for two days it's been busy. I have a feeling this is a scam!

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