Hello !! My name is guk jeong Ahn, Korean people!
I stumbled across yesterday at hyiprate.net, investing in goldstockinvestment.net, reading articles on this board saying that their investment has been successful and they have returned their money, money ...
My last investment (0.65 bitcoin) with my goldstockinvestment.net was something wrong, missing mistake,
My 2017.02.15 transaction number:
<Korean time: 2015.02.15. 23:05:18, reception time: 2017-02-15 14:27:35>
 We decided to invest 0.0715 bitcoin again, and posted a posting asking for good luck.
I ran as I said, but the result was ... I could not get the money and the proceeds!
Not only that, but also the articles I wrote on the bulletin board have disappeared!
My yesterday's transaction number:
<Korean time: Feb.22, 2017. 12:58:46 reception time: 2017-02-22 03:58:51>
I would like to ask if hyiprate.net is also holding SCAM!
------------------------------------ guk jeong Ahn in Korea ---

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