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Got linked to this scam site through a YouTube channel. Like the other reviewers, I was HIGHLY suspicious (especially after the movie i wanted to see, suddenly wasn't available....) but unfortunately didn't read the crazy amount of negative reviews beforehand, for this crap site, Geeker. Wow. I immediately shut down my account and cancelled my card (total inconvenience but necessary!) They're not getting any $ from me- other than the .01 they fraudulently took. Really don't know how they sleep at night.

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Do you guys even know how to read? What the f like bro yes they said they won't charge your card but you end up paying $0.01. after they do ask your permission if you'd like to pay $2.45 monthly with a check box beside it, you could've uncheck the box then press Continue although it won't work ... just read before clicking guys.... yes they lied by saying they won't charge you,,but you stupidly agreed on paying whatever amount they asked... freaking READ BEFORE AGREEING.. they R not a scam your just stupid

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I, too, was scammed by this outfit. They never mentioned a "free trial" (I would have never signed up for that.) They said, cc would not be charged unless I upgraded. I immediately cancelled and went to my credit card account only to find they had already charged $0.01 (a test to see if they could get more I'm sure). I immediately cancelled the card to prevent further theft from this website. I also filed a complaint with the FTC, but I'm not optimistic they will do anything about this fraudulent company. DO NOT fall for their scam. I also got email from this company thanking me for signing up for a premium account, which I never did. Avoid these liars at all costs.

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The website tricks you into charging your credit card $7.95 within minutes and when you request a refund 10 minutes later they tell you it takes 10 to 21 business days to get your money back?? And who collects the interest off this money yeah that's how they make their money! Not to mention nine times out of 10 they don't have the movie you're looking forward to begin with! Find a different site!!!!

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Entered my email account and nothing else. Looked phishy!! Glad I didn't given these reviews. Don't do it folks.

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charged my credit card and I have never seen the website.

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Two days ago I enter this page regarding football match, I gave all the details they asked, also card no. Although the written information assure to verify my account, today they drew money from card. Either you will put the money back or I will black mail you through internet. Also deled all my details from your page.

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totally a rip off. didn't sign up for the membership but they took $30 from me anyhow. Don't do it!

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Don't even get involved!!!!
Cancelled my account that hadn't really ran. Still they take money out every month and not once, twice in the month! Two different amounts on different days.
If only I could get my hands on the fuckas!!!!

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F..... Frauds.
I was looking for a book online and was directed to Signed up for service. They mentioned 5 days free then charges will apply. I cancelled after 30 minutes when my search came up with nothing. There was an authorization charge of $.01 on my credit card.
Review web site review and after seeing that the site is a fraud, I cancelled my card. My bank will send me a new one shortly.
In the cancelation email, it reads:
Dear ****,
We're sorry to see you go, but would like to thank you for being a part of Geeker. This message is to inform you that your Geeker subscription has been cancelled effective immediately. You were last charged on 1969 31 Dec for $2.95. You will receive no further charges.
Thanks again for being with us, we hope to cross paths with you again!
- Your friends at Geeker
Questions or Comments?"
Note the date: "1969 31 Dec"
Major fraud. Glad I cancelled my card before it was too late.

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One of my copyright books is being offered as a download thru Geeka site. I have tried to find email link so I can issue them warning that I intend to take legal action. Links I have found have an unanswerable CAPTCHA intent, I imagine. Other communications have been ignored. This has been going on for about two years. I think the whole set up is a con. I understand if they get your card number they help themselves. I am sure I am not the only one whose copyright is being infringed.

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They hijack / mirror legit sites to try to lure you to register without you knowing it plus there "free" sign up requires a credit card!!!

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I signed up for 5 day trial , they promised that they wouldn't charge my account and they immediately charged 35 dollars. Bank called and we refused the chg, bank said that they will be relentless in efforts to get our money!

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somehow they have managed to get my card number under someone else's email address they have charged my account number of times. i just called on 04/10/2017 and told them i never opened a account for what ever it is. so they told me they would refund. i checked my account on 04/11/2017 and it showed to pending deposits . I just checked my account again and they have just charged me for 2 more transactions.

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Can't get in touch with them and therefore I can't cancel

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fking fraudulent website

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scam site,why not register on community mutual aid,40% on local currency and 50% on bitcoins after 30days..Join today

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I find it HIGHLY suspect that you HAVE to give your credit card info just to join this "free site." I read Geekers reply to a user the reason for this is to verify age and in the event the user wants to purchase items. Well I would think if the user wanted to purchase an item, they could enter it at that time. Another user (this is on Geeker reviews BTW) said he was unable to access his Geeker acct, however his credit card was being used/charged. Their response was he was entering wrong email and forgot the "k." Call me crazy but something ALWAYS seems fishy when a FREE site asks for your credit card info just to join.

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Got to Geeker while searching for a specific movie. After signup of trial, I realized the movie wasn't available. Appears they have "sister websites" directing traffic to their site. I tried cancelling my membership, but the account settings functions were all disabled. I.e. click on them and nothing happens.. Eventually found different way to cancel trial - but followed up with a message on their FB page to make sure it was done. I cancelled my credit card as well as these dicks will most likely sell it.

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