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Beware of - It is a Fraudulent Website

Jan 21, 2017 ... The website "" is a fraudulent one. The website which claims it is your best option to keep yourself entertained for hours ...


Website check registration date: 19 March 2003 - more than 3 years ago

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on commented

I signed up for 5 day trial , they promised that they wouldn't charge my account and they immediately charged 35 dollars. Bank called and we refused the chg, bank said that they will be relentless in efforts to get our money!

on commented

somehow they have managed to get my card number under someone else's email address they have charged my account number of times. i just called on 04/10/2017 and told them i never opened a account for what ever it is. so they told me they would refund. i checked my account on 04/11/2017 and it showed to pending deposits . I just checked my account again and they have just charged me for 2 more transactions.

on commented

Can't get in touch with them and therefore I can't cancel

on commented

fking fraudulent website

on commented

scam site,why not register on community mutual aid,40% on local currency and 50% on bitcoins after 30days..Join today

on commented

I find it HIGHLY suspect that you HAVE to give your credit card info just to join this "free site." I read Geekers reply to a user the reason for this is to verify age and in the event the user wants to purchase items. Well I would think if the user wanted to purchase an item, they could enter it at that time. Another user (this is on Geeker reviews BTW) said he was unable to access his Geeker acct, however his credit card was being used/charged. Their response was he was entering wrong email and forgot the "k." Call me crazy but something ALWAYS seems fishy when a FREE site asks for your credit card info just to join.

on commented

Got to Geeker while searching for a specific movie. After signup of trial, I realized the movie wasn't available. Appears they have "sister websites" directing traffic to their site. I tried cancelling my membership, but the account settings functions were all disabled. I.e. click on them and nothing happens.. Eventually found different way to cancel trial - but followed up with a message on their FB page to make sure it was done. I cancelled my credit card as well as these dicks will most likely sell it.

on commented

looks like geeker hacked putlockertv

on commented

Been stealing money on a credit card of mine for a year. I called them on it and they refunded 6 mos. Will not go back any further. Will contact my bank fraud department and pursue it that way.

on commented

I searched online wishing to watch a new movie that I can't find on Youtube. I thought I can watch it on this platform. However, I found that the movie on this platform is all old movies. When I signed up the website clearly says there will be NO charge to my card. However, the moment I opened the email you sent me, it was a bill of $2.95. It is a fraud.

on commented

A pox upon the face of the earth. The creators of this thing will pay heavily in karma, something I pray they learn is a certainty. The light is dim in their souls, only the higher light can help people like that.

on commented

This is a fraudulent website. Website tells you your choice reading is there. Website tells you the PDF of the book is free. After clicking to read the PDF, you're prompted to give your credit card number but promises you will be charged 0.00 amount, for a 5 day trial. When you click on continue, your credit card is charged twice .01 then $1.00. Then you go to read the chosen book PDF that was supposed to be free and it is NOT THERE. What a rip off! BEWARE!!

on commented


on commented

Just as one other dig, even though the funds are in us currency, they are drown from Great Britain so your bank will charge a foreign fee transaction fee on top of everything else. Plus the initial signup "Free trial", they still charge your card $0.01. Hardy free. They trick you into her we can extend the free trial out to 15-days, only after you say yes, do you realize they will charge you $2.95 for it. On top of it all, then they never had the book that just before they said they did have.

on commented

Thank you everyone for taking the time to write a review & comment on this company. I did think it was weird that I had to provide cc info for a "guaranteed free" subscription. Then when they said it's because "some countries have their different regulations", I got highly suspicious & had to do some research.
I am a student and in order to save money on textbooks, I try to see if there is an online version I can use for the semester. SOOOOOOOO GLAD I came across this site (& others). Everybody is in consensus - GEEKER.COM is a scam. Unauthorized charges. False advertisement about material being available. NOT worth the time & headache it creates.

on commented

They create bogus websites touting PDF books that do not exist and flout DMCA rules. They are designed to get you to subscribe to read a book that is not there and then they will milk your credit card. Frauds.

on commented

When I was asked for a credit card I became suspicious and decided to do a little digging for reviews and whatnot. Glad I did. They have a book that I want but it doesn't sound like it would be worth the headache that may occur.

on commented

These clowns need to be investigated by the Department of Justice for Fraud and Racketeering.

on commented

When it says "free" and then asks for a credit card number, my hackles went up and I stopped. However, I did the initial sign up stage with username and password and now I am paranoid about being 'hacked'....
What a blatant rip off scheme.

on commented

They just took money out of my account without my permission. My bank has to cancel my card and I have to dispute this charge!

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