reviews's reputation score is 1%, which is bad.

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Lost my bitcoins to these scum bags, Glad i was able to get it back though .It was a total nightmare .

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This is a total scam I sent (0.001) on the 1-4-2018. till now I have not seen both capital and income.....please I just need my bit coins back.....

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Did not pay out

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Omg I just lost my 8 btc!

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This site is 100% scam

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its scam, 3days and no payout... email to support = they send copy of your email back to you (i guess its just bot)... automatic site eating your bitcoin and some smart mdfk sitting on beach in resort living big life with your money... 80e in the wind...

on commented is not that bad since they double your very first investment. The problem is that people don't read instructions. In their FAQ you can generate as many deposit address as you wa... Read more

on commented fking scammer. shitt

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How to report this to cyber authorities? This is a pure SCAM ,the site should be closed down immediately ,or wait for others to get fooled.

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Really bad site I didnt get any bitcoins

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Verry bad site I didnt get any bitcoins

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Oh my god!!! I invested 0.5 BTC yesterday, got 1 BTC now!!!!!! good site

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Fools SCAMMERS..... double is a bad SCAMMERS

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my first invest was doubbled, but the second one i never saw again. Also from the support team, i got any response :(

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website is a scam

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They are total scam. More than 3 weeks of investment and nothing is forthcoming from them.
They are cursed already.

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come one use your head
why its a surprice that all those eite its sooner or later a scam.
dont cry over it,
do not invest more money than you can lafe over when you lose them.
free advice, look a... Read more

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Complete Scam! Deposit with no pay back after 48hrs and no response from admin.

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Okay here is what I see:
1. Buy investment
2. wait for someone to buy it from you for twice the money
3. Keep waiting for idiot to pay twice what you did
4. Complain that you are not getting any m... Read more

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