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PLEASE DONT FALL FOR PHONY REVIEWS on these crooks. Check their Facebook page!
EVERY SINGLE REVIEWER IS FRIENDS WITH ALL THE OTHER REVIEWERS & ALL HAVE THE SAME OR SAME TYPE PICS ETC. Out of the 26-reviewers on FB, they all have between 28 & 80 FB friends with an average of 62 and again are ALL friends with each other. The other “friends” they have are just more names used on other review sites (check it out)! Odd how they’re all from this month as well...They’re filling Google searches with bogus reviews by those same people (see Glassdoor, same people claim to have worked their as well), ALL LIES. Do some research on these cold call/email companies, they are there to TAKE not give! Their BBB accreditation is bogus and is for another company altogether. Notice their name and logo remind you a little of “ The Wolf of Wallstreet” movie? Stratton Oakmont, lol, look at the logo, it’s pathetic. Read their terms, every see anyone protect THEMSELVES that much from their own company? I’m sure this won’t stay on here long, I just hope to stop one person from losing everything from these so-called “people”!

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