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I begin services in October 2019 paid over $500.00 for full service credit repair for 1 year. Its been 3 months of me calling and sending emails to credit medics to check the status on my account and to see why there has been no movement, no disputes or anything done and I finally received a response back 12/10 saying they will look into it. I called again left a msessage followed up by an email on 12/12 due to no call back and spoke to Ronisha who stated she would call me 12/13. On 12/13 she stated that letter had been sent to me but not sure why I dont have them. She also mentioned that she didnt have my new address on file that was emailed to them at the beginning. while speaking to Ronisha she mentioned that Jada the young lady who was working on my account had been terminated and that they were pulling all the files to begin sending out letters for their account. This is case and point that my account had been on pause and nothing was done in 3 months. Which is not what I paid for. All of my accounts could have been cleared and off my record by now before the beginning of the year and now I'm going into a new year with the same issues. I feel they didnt hold up their end of their promise and they are not being accounable for what happen. I asked what do they plan to offer those clients who have lost time because in essence time is valuble and she said "I can give you an extra month of service" well hell I already loss 3 and I paid for a year... REALLY?
At this point I just want my credit fixed as promised and get what I paid for and I hope no one ask me for a referral! I would appreciate a refund too!

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