I am Kellie Hinton. I am Darren Kirby's niece (unfortunately) and I have been under attack since my uncle closed his business in September in Spain. I have had little to no contact with my uncle for years and years. I live in the UK for a start. I have never visited the business and don't really know the in and outs of what has happened. My mother has been accused of all sorts when she is a full time carer for my grandfather with dementia and has had no part in any of these alleged scams and has infact lost money herself because of the closure. Not that I have to justify myself but I work and on top of my job I volunteer over 40 hours a week and have a daughter. I rent my home privately and because of my busy life have not had a holiday or been abroad since December 2016. At first I thought the threatening calls were clients because I do not know enough about the situation but since sending all of the information to the police, I have been made aware that the attacks are probably not from clients and instead from an interested third party trying to deflect. I have had at least 2 fake profiles on fb try to harass me either directly or through the media. The IP addresses are with the police, and they have been made aware of the slander on this page in regard to me personally. I will not allow anyone to defame me when I work so hard, have little to no knowledge of whatever has happened and have no contact with my uncle. I have been made aware that my uncle has the same mobile number and I would urge clients to contact him directly as I don't have it to be able to put it here. When I found out that some people had been so badly affected, I put public broadcasts on fb pages such as javea connect, denia connect and more to be careful of not just my uncle but his wife Jody and her 'charity' front Grant a Wish. Those that weren't removed by admin, had to be removed by me because of the threats that happened shortly after. I feel desperately sorry for anyone affected and disgusted by being attached in any way to the whole thing. It should go without saying that anyone connected to me, has been informed to send anything they get sent or notified about in relation to this, on to the police. I am sorry for the people affected but it is disgusting for anyone to try and ruin my life when I am completely unconnected.

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