Maybe but it could be a long wait so don't pop the champagne corks too quickly.....Spain's judicial syatem is broken becauseit is clogged up with so many meaningless denuncias but the real cases still have to wait in line/ Please folks, whatever the outcome do not go hurtling off to other advisers offering "mixed asset classes and a diversified portfolio". The markets are overpriced and I personally have only invested in fixed interest funds since retiring to Spain. I was an investment researcher and IFA with my own limited FCA registered company for over 25 years in the UK and although qualified I am now retired so not "touting" for trade. Just be careful guys. I fought the UK financial services industry over excessive charging throughout that period so I wasn't too popular with my peers, but to me bar a few registered companies the "advisers or ex estate agents purporting to give advice over here are the dregs of the earth. Good Luck to you all.

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