Ok enough, most of you on here are angry as am I but most are mouthing of utter crap yes that's right CRAP you know your story and quite right that you might want to share it but for the haters that are spreading "CRAP" I ask you stop as your not helping we all want to get some retribution and ideally our money back but you know if you do some actual investigation into it you'll find the truth. As you all know CWM closed and believe it or not most of the employees we're investors as well and in some cases have lost over £200,000 some more and yes Mr Kirby has done a runner down-under. Most of the ex staff all had money held over there heads cars and houses as well that all have all lost now because of the way Mr Kirby ran the business so don't blame the staff as a whole most had no clue what was going on with the dealings behind the scenes, As for Jody she was not in a position to do anything and hadn't even worked for the company for the last 2 years she tried to get out and do her own thing her name was used as a paper train so Darren could walk away scot free which he's done and left all of us investors in the CRAP that you all now spreading so lets try and get some facts right that's what matters now. I want a good case against CWM but all this is prejudicial and not going to help when it all comes to a head.

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