Can someone just tell me just who had any qualification whatsoever to enable them to give financial advice , make considered investment judgement and in particular the extensive pension knowledge required to give advice on transfers from pensions (private or company) into QROPS ?
From the experience I had before kicking them immediately into touch that the answer is NO ONE. That being the case EVERYONE giving any form of "professional" advice and pretending they were qualified to do so is guilty including the investment houses that accepted client's funds without question. Did these investment mediums such as the hugely risky Leonteq fund bribe all the CWM introducers with the highest levels of initial commission whether they were consultants or directors and even worse were they paid annual commissions on top of that ? One other major point , can CWM prove they had Discretionary Fund Manager status ? Very few UK advisers have this status and the indemnity insurance for achieving this status is immense so advice must be of the highest quality. From the comments I have read it seems that if investment decisions were made either initially or when switches to other funds, was this carried out without the client's permission and just on the say so of Darren Kirby or anyone else ? Was there yet another charge to the client to switch too ? Again if this is the case then all these firms including Trafalgar to whom CWM were introducers and fund managers such as Leonteq should also be charged and the investors compensated via the indemnity insurers. for criminal negligence

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