Judging by all of these comments that are all very conflicting and mostly un true , the company had many employees Some family members and a lot who weren’t , the administrator who was non operative of the company did not make any financial decisions whatsoever for CWM , every single emplyeee was controlled by Darren Kirby he Called every single decsison in the background , not one director made a decision for a Client it was all decided by the man himself and very clever he was too , because yes he held the licenses but he cleverly let all his directors sign every document , and of course the debt he’s left behind for the tax man he’s left to the adminsotror and the client losses are now left with trafalgar to deal with and compensate !! DARREN KIRBY IS SOLEY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS WRONG DOING NOT HIS FAMILY NOR THE ADMINISTRATOR ! He’s left a trail of devastated families !! He should not get away with what he has done and this should not be confused with any other mis leading information ! This information is 100% true

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