My consultant was Dawn 2 years ago but then she left shortly afterwards. My investment was dealt with by Neil Hathaway Dean Stogdall and Antony Downs who I hold responsible for losing a third of my pension. They put me in high risk and my attitude to risk was medium. I found out these responsible left CWM in the summer even though they are share holders in CWM and are now agents of Trafalgar. How can they still be able to work in financial services ?????
I was receiving compensation up until Ausgust but then they said they couldn't make them anymore.
Most of their money coming in was taken by the administrator to support another business. You only need to see Jodie Smart to understand this. Justice will be achieved I am sure but you are all looking at the wrong people. The regulator has a lot to answer for as I was made to believe they were there to protect my investment and allowed these men to deplete it.

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