You are going after the wrong people. Darren Kirby is founder but the administrator is responsible for finances. The administrator, who took money from CWM to support another business, even when CWM got into difficulty trying to pay compensation. Darren Kirby is not a rich man. The cars, houses and everything else are all the administrator's paid for with money from CWM and in the administrator's name. The administrstor will keep them whilst laughing at you all for directing your anger at the wrong people. Remember CWM is a broker so they didn't lose the funds, their partners did. Trafalgar are not on your side. Why have they employed CWM shareholders Dean Stogsdill and Neil Hathaway as direct agents, who placed funds and verified notes?! The other Kirbys/names are nothing to do with CWM other than working for the company at some point. None own it, none signed off any deals and none of them were aware of any scams. Starting a witch hunt is pointless when you are going after the wrong people.

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