To everyone out there who has a complaint against CWM. I personally feel that whilst it is good to get our stories off our chests, it is in fact the same story that we all have. We have all lost massive amounts of money. We all feel guilty that we were not 'savvy' enough to have taken action earlier. We all wanted to hear that all was ok and therefore we stuck our heads in the sand. We all know who the real villains of the piece are and we all want to have our justice and at the very least get whatever we put in repaid to us. But what I do feel is that we need to meet - whether it be a northern area and a southern area divide - are all together and not to bitch about how badly we have all been treated but to start positive action.
We live in the Torrevieja area and would be very happy to meet up with other victims to decide our actions. The Facebook group seems to be co-ordinating things and got things moving (excellent work particularly by the lady fronting it all, I don't feel it appropriate to name her here) but I want to know what is happening from here on and if we can all do our bit to exert pressure.

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