I came across this bunch about 4 years ago when I made an enquiry about QROPS. I had been a very respected IFA in the UK for over 25 years with my own limited company Vivienne Shepherd Ltd. The representative who was sent to see me arrived with no identification or business card. He then proceeded to show me his driving licence and pointed to his company car and said see that proves who I am. I asked what is financial qualifications were. None but he boasted he had been an estate agent until 4 weeks ago. He was genuinely expecting me to give him all my financial data so he was quickly shown the door. I telephoned CWM to complain. Did they do anything about it ? No. However one of the cold callers inundated me with attempts to get appointments for the next 2 years until I blocked their number. In April, a lady asked for my personal opinion about the investments she had been given and showed me her paperwork. What a shambles, I suspected some forgery too but primarily although of a low attitude to risk profile she had most of her money put into Leonteq which had already had bad press and financial problems shortly before their recommendation to invest so I could see no sign of any due diligence, no suitability report , and no commission disclosure. She was just told she would get 5% income net of all charges. I don't need to tell you what losses she has incurred . She was also advised to transfer her tiny 25,000 euro pension into a QROPS /drawdown/alternative arrangement when the absolute bare minimum should be £125,000. With the massive charges that were also imposed on this little fund I cannot see any solution that can rectify this. As for Trafalgar and SEB yes the confusion is huge. Her policy information did not come from CWM but for third parties months after CWM had received her money. It is an utter shambles , I can see no true regulation and I think this "MR" Kirby should be under criminal investigation and all his assets frozen.

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