Dear Perry White, I and many others also opted for low risk investments,it was CWM who decided to invest in high risk and highly speculative investments,without any authorisation from their clients,to boost their own bank balances.Investments being down? The last 2 investments made from my pension fund by CWM,(again without my authorisation) were for 8000 each, one ran at a loss of 87%,the other 94%.i lost over 13,000 on these 2 investments alone,other investments also taking big losses.And now my pension is worthless.
And as to people feeling hurt,that doesn't even begin to cover it.People have had their life savings and pensions wiped out by this company,And have caused no end of stress,anxiety and worry to their victims,as well as being left with a bleak future.
If indeed you have just invested with CWM as you say ,then beware!

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