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Cliffs Deals Reviews

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They attempted to charge me $300 for "insurance" after I purchased an item online from them.

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They don't answer e-mails or pick up the phone. I called multiple times for the status of an order, then to cancel it since I had no response and the item I ordered never showed up after 3 weeks - you can hear them pick up, then they put you on hold. The draw was the cheap price, but don't use this place.

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I purchased a tv Samsung from them, there was not apparent damage when it was delivered.
The Tv has a red line in the center. I called 10 times, 6 emails and they do not respond back.
I will not recommend cliffs deals.
Westchester, NY

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got my hopes up for nothin.

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This company is a complete fraud. Ordered TV on 1/21/2017. It has been almost 60 days and nothing. Contacted them 2 times. Customer service is now saying TV is unavailable yet it is still advertised as in stock. DO NOT ORDER from this Company. No wonder you must hold for 20-30 minutes for customer service. That department must be very overworked!

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on commented

Just like most others, I found the company to be a scam. They list items with pricing for other markets, i.e. Asia and then when you order them they force you to call them as past of their ordering process and try to up-sale you to the product available to the North America markets - which they don't even list on their website. I told them to send me what I ordered and my order has been in "processing" for over a month now with no response from Cliffs Deals when asked for an update. They are a typical internet scammer. Don;t waste your time!

on commented

Total bait and switch scam! Offered a projector and one price which I purchased than forced me to call him than said it was several hundred more for the "US Version"

on commented

They are running a scam. After I placed the order for 55" Samsung TV, they called me and asked me to pay $180 for insurance and said that it is mandatory. No mention of this on their website. Stay away from these guys.

on commented

The guy who posted a good review is either delusional or works for Cliffs. This place is a bait and switch, it is not debatable, it what they do. If you dont mind being bent over with a broomstick while your intelligence is insulted knock yourself out.

on commented

Same story as many others. Insisted that I call them before placing the order and then when I finally got threw they claim that there are two different versions of very specific part-number, and that the better one costs more. Sounded way too seedy to me. Ditched them. Avoid

on commented

Just got off the phone with this company, and as expected after reading these reviews that its a total sham. I ordered a 75 inch tv that they advertised for 1799 only to be told that its not an American model also is a commercial and that the one i need is 2700. Thing is, theres no such thing as a commercial model tv. Be aware of this company, it is not legit at all.

on commented

I purchased the Sony XBR65X930D for $1350, a good price. I received an email the next day asking me to call them. I called, and they said the model I bought was a commercial model, but I could buy the residential version for $400 more than advertised. I said no. I've looked it up since then, and I can't find anything about a commercial versus residential model, and their website doesn't say anything like that. Then I tried to call back and talk to them, and they keep transferring me and putting me on 10 minute holds, avoiding talking to me.

on commented

Same story as the one from January 10, 2017. I saw a price for an epson projector 10pct below market. I went on and bought it online.
The next day Steve called me to confirm that I did want the Japanese model. According to Steve, I could either have the Japanese model (in japanese) with no warranty or the US model for a higher price. This didn't sound right. When I checked online cliffs reviews I understood the scam.

on commented

So these guys failed my test - although I was optimistic I can't say I'm surprised. After placing my order on 1/12/17 I called back as I received no order confirmation email etc. After waiting on hold for 5+ min I was finally transferred over to my sales rep Joe, who gave me my order# (1164210) and informed me that I wouldn't receive an order confirmation until it ships (which I was told would be 2-3 weeks). After checking online and waiting on hold infinitely the other day and never speaking to a single person, turns out my order number is not even coming up online anymore. I sent an email stating my frustration and order to cancel. Poor business and although I've dealt with shady online television retailer in the past (with successful results), these guys are now on my blacklist.... Cest La Vie

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So I ordered an LG OLED E6P from these guys the other day (after reading all these comments). I've been down this road before and done this with another similar online retailer a few years ago and received a BNIB Samsung 55" 3D smart tv which at the time was the flagship of tv's (March 2012). Although these transactions tend to be arduous and a bit scary, I can say for a fact that I received a brand new $3500 tv for $1700. You have to play the game - and arguing fighting with the sales reps doesn't tend to help the cause. I'm cautiously optimistic that this purchase will (after 3+ wks I'm sure) turn out well like my prior experience with the similar retailer. So far I have an order# but no invoice. I'm told that they had to order the tv and should have it within 7 business days at which time they'll contact me with tracking information. Giving them a thumbs up for now... although the sale over the phone can be confusing/frustrating, stick to your guns, know EXACTLY what it is that are purchasing (do your research first). Hoping I don't have to come back here in a month to change this to a thumbs down.

on commented

Fraudulent company, do not buy from them. You can order online, they will call you back and ask if you bought your LG tv for someone in Europe and point you to the technical specs on their website.... saying the voltage is for Europe. Of course their tech specs for the product do not match those of LG.... they say the can get you the US version for a much higher price. Don't fall for the bait and switch.

on commented

Attempted to order a LG OLED E6. Asked to pick it up locally. Stated they cannot do that. Asked me where I was from. Once I stated I was from NJ I was immediately placed on hold and phone never picked up again. This is a scam. NO ONE CAN SELL TV'S for 50% off. Specifically new models like the LG OLED Too good to be true. Then it is a scam!! Sent emails and follow ups - no reply. Does this company even exists?

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I went online to purchase two 85" Samsung TV's and found that Cliff's Deals had them. I entered my credit card information for a $13,000 order and was told I'd be contacted shortly to confirm. Upon confirmation, I was told they no longer had the items and that they sold them to someone else???? Then was told they discontinued the television. WHAT? I gave you frauds my credit card information when you SOLD THE TV I JUST PURCHASED? Then, upon trying to reach a supervisor, I was hung up on multiple times and treated with complete disrespect. Told, "what do you want me to do about it? who cares? we don't have the tv anymore. what do you want?" HORRIBLE HORRIBLE people. All I wanted was to spend $13,000, you would think they would help me out with that! Steven Cone is the name of the person and he is absolutely the rudest and most unprofessional "customer service specialist" I have ever spoken to - Eric is apparently his supervisor. I ended up leaving the initial call yelling obscenities which is not something I have EVER done with a company before - and I've sat on hold with Samsung for 2 hours before. I've also been placed on hold 3 times without anyone saying a word to me. I can't get through to anyone to ensure that my credit card information is destroyed. This company is terrible, please don't do business with them - it will lead to nothing but frustration.

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