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As others have noted, avoid this retailer at all costs. I spent about $80, and over the course of the next 2 weeks, my order wasn't fulfilled, didn't ship, and the retailer did not respond to any of my 4 emails requesting more information.
After 2 weeks of radio silence and no order fulfillment, I finally sent a 5th email, this time just asking for my order to be cancelled so I could buy the item elsewhere. The retailer failed to respond to this email as well, so I finally filed a dispute with my credit card provider and purchased the item elsewhere.
Weeks later, after I had already ordered and began using the same item purchased from a legitimate retailer, cbloffer finally sent a single email explaining that their supplier had 'had been in the hospital' and that they would now send the item. I reiterated that I had already reached out to cancel the order, had filed a credit dispute and had gone on to purchase the item elsewhere. I was explicitly clear that I did not want to purchase anything from their site at that point, and that they should not send me anything.
They shipped me the item anyways, never responded to several more emails asking that they intercept the shipment, and later, that they at least tell me how to return the item. They never responded again, and I now have no way to return the item, and I lost the credit card dispute because cbloffer made sure to reach out to my card provider with evidence that they eventually shipped me the item I ordered from them (of course, they refused to share any of the evidence that I had canceled the order, then asked them not to ship it, then asked them to intercept the shipment, then asked them to simply tell me where to return the item).
Weeks later, I'm now stuck with a duplicate of this item and and lost credit dispute.

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