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I received a random email from these folks advertising a PMP intensive course - and if I act now, it's $500! Sounds great, right? So I did some digging.
The company, per its website, is associated with W2C Edutech Pvt Ltd, a company set up in India. Why the company purports to be out of Virginia (in the US) is interesting. Also, few of their links on their webpage work (including "leave us a feedback" and "blog and discussion"). Also, note that the folks who adore Careerera on this page also happen to sound very Indian and very English-is-a-second-language.
Other review sites have similar glowing reviews which look like they were designed to cover up the 'these guys are a scam' reviews, most of which say that, after payment, nobody sent class links or picked up the phone.
I'll pass.

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