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Bulbhead is a privately held company in internet with 11-50 employees founded in 2015. Bulbhead's reputation score is 9%, which is bad.

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I ordered the Angry Mama microwave cleaner. It caught on fire in my microwave and then caught my microwave on fire! I was fortunate enough to have caught it on time so I could put the fire out before it got out of control. I contacted the company immediately and they did NOTHING but apologize for the inconvenience! This is a joke, right?! My house could have caught on fire because of their crap product! They are a horrible business and I WILL be taking them to court.

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I ordered the Red Copper Brownie Bonanza 4 weeks ago. Never heard from them. Then when I checked the website I found the order had been cancelled. When I called the customer service I talked with an outsourced agent (from India) who told me the order had been cancelled because their inventory was depleted. However, their website is still functional on the product. In fact, they are now even offering free shipping. Why does a company continue to sell a product they claim they have none of unless they are a rip-off

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You wanna talk about crap. i read just this page and think it's crap as your link to Bulbheads site which seems fine to me is misspelled as bulhead in your article. they sell a ton of stuff from a company owned by an indian man who owns Telebrands which is now part of a parent company HBN which most of can be looked up on Wikipedia. My gf ordered red copper pans of tv and they came through bulbhead and when i called the number on the invoice about a few small flaws on the one of the two pans she ordered me for my bday the offered to send me a replacement ment free of charge, so i would give their customer service an A. it seems like to me rep digger is another place for trolls to troll about

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Worst customer service ever. Their service rep (Amanda) has no clue and gives inconsistent information. They don't stand behind their products - many are delivered defective. This is a horrible company, one of the worst I've ever dealt with.

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rip off

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Received $10 off Bulbhead coupon in a product I purchased in a store.I placed an order exceeding the $20 minimum and received info that the order was shipped via FedEx.
I kept checking the tracking number and it never updated from "Shipping Info Sent to FedEx". Bulbhead now tells me FedEx was unable to deliver to my house. Bullsh*t....FedEx never received the product for shipment from Bulbhead.com. I get FedEx shipments every week with out any problems.
Bulbhead has to be the SCUMMIEST seller I have ever tried to do business with. The Feds should shut them down for FRAUD!
Do not do business here.I suspect I will never see my order!

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The search for lithium battery and charger on bulbhead site produced nothing. Their website is worthless. The atomic flashlight is not as bright as others in this price range.

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I was just about to spend $71.98 on cleaning products until I read these reviews. What a shame.

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They suck bought one last year and this year doesnt even work called and they want you to place another order and they will take money off

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I returned some items to Bulbhead that I purchased and did not like. I opted to pay to return the items. When my account was credited Bulbhead did not credit one item so I called Customer Service and explained to the operator that my receipt stated I returned the item due to the weight. My account was credited without the tax so I call again and was refused the tax refund. I had to call my credit card company to receive the credit. Bulbhead is a total fraud and I will never visit that webpage again. This is a real buyer-beware warning.

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Bad business practice. I ordered the Red Copper sauce pan and they shipped me two additional pans that I did not order and was billed and additional $59.99. They wanted ME to pay for return shipping....NO!!! I asked for a shipping label when they offered me $20.00 off....NO!!! and then $30.00 off....NO!!! I want a return shipping label and you to correct my bill. They eventually agreed and I am still waiting on the label. A quick call to the bank recovered my $59.99

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Typical junk offered for SUCKERS! If it sounds too good to be true, it is just that---a LIE! What a stupid name, too. Can opener is a cheap battery operated piece of CRAP! Buyer beware!

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Sent me the wrong order item. Their website is not working so I can't contact customer service. Did not reply to my query on their facebook page.

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I ordered very, very reluctantly after reading some of the reviews. However, they delivered to Hawaii so it was that, or no order at all. I got the yogibo. It came quickly, I had fedex tracking, and when I inquired I got a response from the website confirming delivery. So I am very pleased.

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Brass Hose is junk, brought a few and ALL broke within MONTHS of purchase. They are not cheap!! JUNK and this company doesn't care about the consumer!!

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Do not buy from them! Bait and switch liars and thieves.

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Purchased their toucan can opener and it broke into pieces after 3 cans. The product is a safety hazzard and someone could get hurt. They should recall the product and refund everyones money. I contacted them and they wanted proof of purchase for a 20 product instead of having it sent to them for repair. very poor customer service.

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Editorial review

BulbHead.com, not really lighting up our world!

How can we put this simply, please do not entertain this company full stop as they no longer run their tradename website which is www.bulhead.com. The bulbhead domain name is automatically redirected to what can only be described as a parent website http://www.internationaledge.com. It looks more like a marketing holding page and most certainly does not qualify as a website.

BulbHead claims to be an agency that supports “bright” ideas which is all good and nothing wrong with having bright ideas. However, we are struggling to even confirm the products that they actually market. According to the information we gathered, they have between 11 to 50 employees who works tirelessly to find practical, easy to use and innovative products and they currently focus on kitchen, technology, pets, children, home and décor products with a smattering of beauty, accessories and gift ideas. We very much doubt this mighty and ambitious statement.

They are making colossal claims such as they have a “leading edge website”, somehow we do not think so and the website looks like something you buy off web template sites for $5 and it genuinely looks like a scam straight out of Nigeria, known as the numero uno scam country in the world. They further claim that their products feature quality images and informative videos, do not believe it for one second. They are convinced that their blog offers helpful tips and hints, if only we can actually trace their blog as they do not have one to offer! In fact, this company does not even deserve any of our time to investigate as most of the information we looked at is highly suspicious.

Bulb Head belongs to the current owners called Tucows Domain, which predominantly is in the business of selling domain names! Need we go on any further?

We trust our RepDigger readers are savvy, educated, sensible and have plenty of common sense to immediately work out that it’s so blatantly obvious this company is not quite the full ticket, purely on the basis that the tradename website no longer exists and their website does not contain any innovative products.

So, if you wish to purchase any innovative products in future that are genuine and oozes quality, read it here before purchase or opt for a reputable newspaper or magazine that will give you a much better perspective of what’s out there such as the Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom, take a look at this article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/ces/11325391...

The Innovative Westinghouse Stick Up Bulb

Despite all of the above and thanks to Bulb Head, we have found an ingenious, simple and innovative product on their website or should we say web page. In all honesty, we haven’t heard of this product either thus, deserves a mention as it’s so elegant and simple. Please may we remind you to only purchase this product from Westinghouse only, a manufacturer from the USA. Imagine how useful this product would be in 3rd world countries, here’s an excellent video about this product:


Have an enlightening day!

– Mala Papachan
15 Jun 2016

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