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i was stupid enough to get involved with binary trading. worst decision of my life!!!
i didnt think i could get my money back but my girlfriend insisted i keep trying and she found me birman law. veronica has found a great strategy to get those bastards to give me back my money. I found the law firm very professional and it is taking some time and money to get it all back but i can't complain otherwise i wouldnt see one quid.

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When we were persuaded to use your service , we were informed that Birnman Law had recovered many millions for clients. On reading this comments page, i don't see evidence of happy satisfied clients.
Many of us now wonder if the recovery phase is just part of the scam we have already been subjected too by the binary options companies in Israel.
Birman Law , if you are genuine ,its time you started to act professionally and think of the stress your clients are going through which is certainly not improved by the problem of getting any communication from You.
Your record on advising clients on how the cases are progressing is abysmal.
You ask a 10% deposit fees upfront, please show that you are doing something for your client to earn this. Score out of 10 is 2 for performance.

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This is the Real Rod Eggleston.
On 18 July someone fraudulently used my name and gave a negative review on Birman Law. I've been dealing
with Birman Law for quite some time now and have found them to be very honest and professional in all of our dealings.
If I were you, I would disregard any negative reviews on Birman law. They all look suspicious to me.
Rod Eggleston

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i hired them to get my money back from binary book (CROOKS) and they got me half of it from somewhere in solvenia or slovakia... now i am waiting for them to sue those scumbags and get me the rest.
for now im happy but i will not be satisfied until i get all of it back. I'll keep you posted when i do

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I am reading the comments below and wow, they called me today from birman and asked me to leave a good review as a thank you to them and because they think there are a lot of binary people trying to ruin their ratings everywhere.
I hired birman law 6 months ago against glenridge capital and I received a settlement letter 2 weeks ago and my money back on my credit card.
It was really embarressing to lose all of this and i didn't want to tell my family that i lost my savings to a guy on the phone but i did fearing that my wife will leave but instead she found birman and convinced me to fight somehow.

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I have been with Birman law for several months I spoke to Shannon and to Tami and also from Veronica I lost a lot of money to Binary Options and now I feel I have been taken again.

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After reading other people's comments I would have to agree with them . I don't have a good opinion about them myself. They don't reply to emails. I had to email them several times before someone called me . I don't think I'll ever hear from them again.

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unreliable, unprofessional, and doesn't give a damn abut her clients. Stay away.

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I have never encountered a less professional law firm, I've been with them for a year and I still never hear form them nor I have gotten my money back. Same Scam

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I'm very disappointed with Birman Law I hired them several months ago , they promised me they will recover my funds. I spoke to Avi Cohen and to Shannon both said that they had helped recover millions for people months later I still haven't received any information regarding forex boulevard nor everyone communicates with me to give me progress on my case. I lost more money to them. It feels like another forex or binary scam. I will not recommend birman law.

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Poor performance, miserable lawyer, poor knowledge of the law and a disgrace as a lawyer. Stay away.

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just had E mail from Lady in Israel she says she had private investigator check out Birman Law ,He reported that this firm takes on 200 new clients per month ,if this is correct ,i can understand why current clients are being neglected in not receiving reports on where there cases are at ;I would suggest if you pay the 10%fee you make it a condition in contract that you receive an up date report every 4 week from date on signed contract, This is not an unreasonable request ,as you have paid for there service upfront ,i am a client and i cant say i am impressed with there professionalism. they are great salespeople ,but still awaiting on results on recovery

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not a firm i would recommend ,i had an e mail from friend who says they take on 200 clients a month ,if correct no wonder current clients find reports on there cases not being updated ,not good t Veronica Birman is your name and reputation

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I am VERY nervous about dealing with this company!! I lost a substantial amount of money in my view to a binary company 23Traders & now this company wants 10% deposit to take on my case??! I HONESTLY don't have more money to loose!!!

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Hi Graeme ONeill,
This is Daniel from Birman Law.
I understand that we spoke to you yesterday and today and all communication was fine? If you are still having issues, please let me know and I will prioritize this right away with your client coordinator.
Please email [email protected] if you need anything.

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Hi Daniel, just sent you an email with my request. Thank you

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,Any dealings I have had with Jewish people anywhere needs care ,as they are single minded indeed about money and making certain they get paid ,Birman Law promoted there Firm as one that had many millions of clients funds returned to the investors who had been scammed in the main by Israel binary Options Firms .why would the Israel Gov,t allow the binary Option firms to promote Binary Options to Foreigners ,but not to the citizens of Israel , Reason they knew the promotion was a dishonest scamm Birman promotes there service in locating and returning funds Question if millions have been recovered ,why are people not shouting for joy but the people appear very quiet about the return of the funds ,Are Birman Law as good as they promote them .self to be ,communications with existing clients seem to be a problem
.Are you one of the clients that has had there funds returned ,if so how long did this take ,were you satisfied with the dealings you had with Birman Law. would you Recommend them to Other people that have been scammed
.Ihave been with Birman Law 3months ,l have nothing positive to report , Others have contacted me they are also not happy with the communications and update of any progress in the cases Berman are investergating on there behalf as clients

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Wake up Birman Law your reputation is not looking to credible ,You have our money ,so give us your clients updates on where your investergating are ,we all waiting month after month contact ZERO not good enough Just another dissatisfied client to date

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Hi Vincenzina
Nice to meet you, my name is Daniel and I work for Birman Law. I am very sorry you have experienced this; our clients are very important to us and I promise we will fix this right away. We always respond to all of our clients.
Please email me your details and I will have your personal representative contact you asap and clear up any concerns. Please email [email protected]

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I'm a litlle disappointed with them. I signed up for them to recover money from a scam broker . Paid 10% upfront fee and now there's no communications anymore. I've asked to be called by one of the lawyers and they're not replying to my emails.

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Hi Even I have lost USD 40k to OmegaOptions and Birman Law is calling me frantically to sign up with them and pay him 10% upfront. and sign ...


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