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Banyan Hill Publishing's reputation score is 1%, which is bad.

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That one review is enough for me. Fleecing the public has been a long time running agenda with the deep state. So many criminals out there posting trash on the web and slinging mud on the wall. What sells sticks. Sorry to hear of your being hood winked by another DEEP STATE organization.

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I was a subscriber to Weiss Research Gold Mining Millionaire. I paid extra for a lifetime subscription. Now that Banyan Hill has taken over Weiss the Gold Mining Millionaire is no longer being publish... Read more

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I a member of Banyan Hill since Dec. 2016 under Paul Mampilly. So far I am 30% up in the profits unlimited portfolio. Since Feb. 2017 a member of extreme fortune portfolio and up 53%. Before they charged my credit card for another year renewal they sent me a reminder in the mail. So far so good..

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Charged my credit card which
I did not give them or type in
With a $500 charge without
My authorization ! Still no
Return of money tho they said
They would return it.

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I am supposing that Banyan Hill is affiliated in some way with Paul Mampilly. I was charged some sort of not requested membership last year, called and had the charge taken off, only to find that I h... Read more

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Paul Mamphilly is a blow hard phony. He embellishes the gains and fail to factor in the losses. I have been a member since July 2016, I have matched the S P 500 but NO better. I hot duked $895 and bo... Read more

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Has double the s&p performance since I back me a member.
Only prolem in past not puttimg his special report on the buy list.
He recently started given better quidance on the special reports.
Over all a happy member

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Lesson learned:
Anything you find on "Taboola" or "Outbrain" and even "Zergnet" are all clickbait. The ones with 50 minute long videos that are disguised ads which waste ... Read more

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Paul M is just another shark ripping you off by selling one product and then ripping into you for one of their "premier" stuff at $ way will I continue

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i signed up for Paul Manpilly's stock tips and cannot get onto the site and need ph number also to call your office..

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There is a photo of a single layer toroid inductor on their internet ad with the caption "this tiny device will power everything etc...."
A single layer toroid inductor won't power any... Read more

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they said to charge my account $1,995, scam

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They promote one news letter or service and do not follow through with that service and then try to promote another service with even more unrealistic expectations. They think people out there have m... Read more

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You're "not sure"??? Hahahaha... What would you need to have happen for you to BE sure?????

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As I see it, P.U., Paul Mampilly under Banyanhill Is a Pump & dumper organization. Banyan hard sells its products. If they were so wealthy from their market knowledge and insider enlightenment...... Read more

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How is Gingrich Productions associated with Banyon?

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Charlatans providing nonsensical info and improper stats. They claim a handful of a few successes, though sweep under the rug the vast number of bad calls. Thus, their portfolios are false representat... Read more

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Absolutely a horrible service, charlatans with nonsensical info.
Their stated profit gains never include the huge number of fumbles. Thus, only including a handful of successes, but never the failures... Read more

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I didn't even order nor have I even been to this site and they said I ordered a product that was $118 which they debited from my account now I have to wait 5-7 business days for it to come back SCAMMERS BEWARE

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